The road less followed is sometimes just a series of detours

I’m a little teapot

Short and stout

Tip me over pour me out

Because that’s what teapots are made for aren’t they?

If only humans had the same surety of purpose

Designer made

Purpose built

Instruction manual to hand

Then again

Where’s the fun in that?

I admire people who seem to know what they are doing

Striving for

Working towards

On purpose

Maybe it’s a lifetime of planning going awry

But I

Aim towards

Yet am always happy to follow a detour if it arises

*What about you?

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20 thoughts on “The road less followed is sometimes just a series of detours

  1. I used to think detours from my well-planned visions were failures, but I’ve found the most personal growth on them recently and am coming to embrace the pour-me-out journeys. We have a lot more potential there than we know!

    • Hahah “scenic” yeah that reminds me of the time I was on my bike down the coast and wasn’t sure where I was going so I plugged in my earphones and the gps. Siri took me the “scenic” route all the way up to the top of a misty mountain on a winding track (where I nearly hit a cow) and then service dropped out. If I could have tracked down Siri I would have strangled her! Instead I used my head and my vague sense of direction and found my way back to the highway. Scenery was awesome though 😁

  2. I had planned on being quite a different teapot from the way I turned out. But I wouldn’t trade any of the roads I found myself on, and I love the teapot that I’ve become. At 79, I suspect creation isn’t finished with me yet, either!!!

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