Offering some words for other mouths

And he asked me what I was writing

As I sat in the sunshine

Flannel shirt

Old jeans

Bare feet

Brought back to earth

After another flight of fancy


Glasses shoved to nose I considered

For a moment

The point of my prose

“Just the words to the human song..

A condition we share

Anyone can sing along

I am lonely

I am scared

I have been high



I’ve been there and back again

Hardly waiting to unpack my bags I’ll go there again

And again

And I’ll write the words

Like breath

Over and over

We never stop till we die

We all know the tune

But some like I

Know the words

He nodded and took a fold

Of the paper I tore

It fitted in his mouth

He knew the score

And he liked the way the words tasted

He didn’t feel like that particular experience was wasted


As long as someone else knew how he felt

In this moment

Chapter and verse

These were his lines

And besides

Why would anyone come to a poet for any other reason

We’re a thoughtful lot

And not much good

For general conversation

But we can share the odd line

In time

Till you reach the next destination

8 thoughts on “Offering some words for other mouths

    • I think it is the resonance that people love in words whether it is in music or poetry, a movie or a book – it’s that “me too” feeling of kinship. We all want to be understood yet can barely understand ourselves

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