Shout out – Indies and Artists

Hi guys this is a shout out to Indie authors and poets (and smaller indie publishing houses) and anyone really who wants more eyes on their work.

Since it was published just this week Audacity magazine has already been opened nearly 1000 times around the world.

I’m an Indie poet

Our books are mostly on Amazon.

Amazon ships to the world

The more people that are sharing the magazine

The more these positive vibes spread

You can have your latest releases along with links back to your work on Amazon included for free on a dedicated Indie page within the magazine

If you want in then it’s easy (and a no brainer!)

Subscribe to Audacity magazine (see the link on my home page)

Email me your details (Amazon page etc) at

When the magazine comes out share it within your circle, because people are loving reading it and I’ve had some truly lovely messages back.

Next months magazine is packed full of wonderful inspirational stories – there is more info on my Instagram note Audacity will have its own places on social media soon – for now it’s just me..

And that’s the thing

Because this is turning into a great deal of work done by just me for free – I would love it if you can support me at my Patreon site – it’s only $5 a month and there is fresh content happening all the time and you get to be part of a growing community of like minded people.

If not – I understand. It’s certainly not a requirement to having your work included in the magazine so please don’t let that stop you submitting your links to me for inclusion in the magazine.

Each month I will also be featuring a few of the books and authors that I’ve read and have had personal contact with. That’s kind of a small number as I have far less reading time then I used to!

I’ve got two poets this month together with the work of another two poets that’s are awesome bloggers and although they don’t have books out yet…I’m putting pressure on them.

Along with these lovely humans are a sculptor, a fashion designer, an artist. Some photographers, two musicians, a small business owner, a film maker and more more more. The stories are amazing and sweet – a few had me in tears and another had me howling in laughter. Get on board the more the merrier.

Last months magazine link is here to read


Subscribe here

Looking forward to hearing from you Xx

22 thoughts on “Shout out – Indies and Artists

    • I know you’re not an Indie Rosaliene I was going to ask if I could include Under the Tamarind Tree but then realised I would actually love to know more about you too. We should do an interview for the next month only if you’re interested though, email me if you are and I’ll book it in ( no pun intended) 😊

      • How kind of you, Kate! I am an Indie author. It would be great to have Under the Tamarind Tree included in your line-up. I would also love to do an interview with you 🙂

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