Gusty out of nowhere sometimes


The wind came out of nowhere

One minute it was still and quiet


Drawn in close and heavy

And the next

The wind roared in causing the chairs on the deck

To bang

Things were flapping about

And the rain

Came pouring down

The weather mood shifted and tossed

Eventually settling into a huffy kind of sulk

From out of which gently, the rain began to fall.

Almost in spite of itself

The weather calmed

And I breathed deeper, knowing just how it felt



Don’t we all

Get a little gusty out of nowhere sometimes?

16 thoughts on “Gusty out of nowhere sometimes

    • Taken the week! Still appliances with shattered circuitry like just big printer photocopier. But it could have been far worse – my computer could have been blown up. Then again…I could have got some gardening done perhaps.

      • Haha, yes, shame on you for neglecting a golden opportunity for weeding ;-p Good to hear that you are back on the grid but sorry about the fried items πŸ™

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