Who sits?

In meditation

We learn compassion


We learn to sit


No matter what thoughts cross our mind

Back and forth

Jumping in

We let them do what thinking is

Because that is the brain and how it acts

Nobody would tell a heart to stop beating

So we can’t stop thinking thoughts


We gently call them back

Like unruly students, the wise teacher forgives

The distraction

And inattention

Because the wise teacher

Our soul


This is how it all goes

Everything is right just the way it is

But attention please

And we return, sit quietly until the next distracting thought appears

Am I meditating

Or is something meditating me?

Because I believe

Although I may wander away

Become distracted and foolish and leave

In real life

Something patiently waits

Gently calls me back

And here I am

Sitting patiently


For the next distracting thought

But am I meditating

Or is something meditating me

*micro macro interior exterior – I’ve been practicing regularly for a month and this meditating thing feels like a hole to my soul that I can’t find the bottom of but damn…things are certainly getting deeper

If you have tried meditation and are a failure think on this

People who come naturally to meditation are probably not the ones who benefit from it most

Just the act of having to sit and patiently call back your own attention and hundred times in 15 minutes makes you aware of how much you do it

How much we return, how much we struggle and how we don’t have to do this thing yet some of us choose

And those that do are brave and steadfast and damn – we are all just trying and then patience and self compassion begin to spill on the floor everywhere

We are all returning – a thousand times a day – a million – we return and we sit and we try and we commit

To living this difficult crazy life

The best way that we can

And that’s all anyone can do

Try it again if you already have and if you haven’t try it for the first time but first perhaps read this book by Emily Fletcher “The conscious design of happiness” forget one of the reviews that says something about like “I wish she would just tell us how to do it!”

She does – around chapter 13 and that poor reviewer, I’m sad for her because damn if anyone needed the patience to read this book and hear how to do this very simple but powerful meditation

It is people that haven’t the patience to read a fine book on meditation

Oh the irony 😂

9 thoughts on “Who sits?

  1. A great verse and a wonderfully reflective post!! I hope that you and yours are well? I worried when I couldn’t find this month’s Audacity but you sound in encouraging form 😉 Wishing you the very best! Stay safe! 🙂

  2. Meditation isn’t just closing your eyes, like you stated so well in your post, the mind is a restless creature. It takes awhile to learn to tame and silence it.
    Hope all is well, 🤗🌻

    • All is great thanks Elle – meditation is giving me such a deep anchor point. As is spending more time in the real world rather than in virtual worlds which has been why I have been a little absent of late here. Audacity Magazine has also been a bit consuming as I missed a month but it is coming back on track with some great stories in March. Hope you are well too 😊

      • Good to hear. Will be looking forward to the next issue. I’m doing well, awaiting the renewal of Spring. Take care of yourself. 😊

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