Mirrors who we love

Twin Souls

Wrote about this on Instagram this morning.

A monk on a mountain will never learn as much about radical compassion and acceptance of others and self, as a person who is married and has children and extended family.

The people who love us and who we love (and who annoy us at times) are our greatest teachers and mirrors.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Today is a great opportunity to love our mirrors, love ourselves and practice digging deep and getting rid of some of those irritating behaviours in others that actually stem from the kernel of truth lodged in our own beings.

Or your can just buy the chocolates, gather the flowers and join in the consumeristic fun that is Valentine’s Day – but spare a thought for the singles – they never have to put up with snoring, farting or someone who argues with them over where to go to dinner.

Poor buggers – how do they learn patience and compassion? 😉😘

Live it up singles and practice becoming so amazing that when your ideal partner shows up, they are damn near perfect already👌

And for the broken hearted who have lost their love ❤️ We are all connected and as we practice sending love into the world, so it returns to us – as Rumi says “what you seek is also seeking you” be brave, stay open ❤️

Yes the header photo is of my husband – taken on a wild and windy morning above Port Campbell – he had been my greatest inspiration and is the love of my life – the hardest thing I have ever done and my greatest teacher.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2021 ❤️

9 thoughts on “Mirrors who we love

  1. Absolutely true, every word. The synchronicity of my own post about the mirror we are and others are teaches us so much. Love the greatest teacher of them all. Very beautiful Kate❤

  2. In a completely uncharacteristic fashion, I made a speech to my wife this morning when she woke up. After 25 years of marriage, it’s hard to keep up the wonder of a new relationship, but the bond just gets stronger and stronger. Last night we were laughing together over something stupid and it occurred to me once again how fortunate I am that she’s in my life. I know a lot of married people envy singles their freedom. I’d never trade what I have today. Happy Valentines Day, Kate. I fully plan to pig out on truffles and Sour Patch Kids today. It’s an invitation I can’t resist.

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