A dry spring

Worry is a walk through the dry husks of overblown spring flowers

Gathering burrs

Gathering burrs

I look down

My socks are full

Bristling with prickles that once were pretty

Now they cling

Biting my ankles

And it is easy to think the burrs are the problem

And not the surface,

the sock

the thinking

Changing path

I step carefully after dark

so as not to wake

to 2.00 blinking


*why is it that so often we wake into negative thoughts at night? Is it that without the distractions of the day our minds are easy prey to the slippery slope of worry?

The photo above was actually taken last spring and there were so many beautiful wild flowers out west due to the rain. This spring is entirely different.

Here are some others to remind me what a “pretty” spring looks like instead.

5 thoughts on “A dry spring

    • Yes Lynn, Spring has sprung. It can’t make up its mind though and wreaking havoc with mine. One minute it’s hot and I’m celebrating in new summer pyjamas and then last night I had the fire lit again 🤷‍♀️ Autumn is lovely, I think even more so then spring here because we have such scorching summers.

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