For this moment

The rain asked the trees to bloom

They complied, overflowing, their flowers fell to the ground

Carpets of purple

Carpets of yellow

Carpets of white

Nature is so generous at times

That we forgive

The scorching summer

The freezing gale

The bitter breath of winter breathing down our necks

As faithful as hounds, we forget

Instead we circle in awe and wonder “isn’t it beautiful”

Naive you say? But no, I don’t believe in happy ever afters

Just this passing moment, these seconds within my grasp

Outside butterflies are being born, ants are rebuilding their homes

And kids are playing with tinsel

Outside Christmas lights twinkle

And blown up plastic Santas smile

Just for awhile

Everything is simple

Just for awhile

*this poem feels odd now. I wrote it in a brain download half an hour ago and then WordPress decided to glitch and I lost it.

When I had to rewrite it from memory, it was not the same – which just proves again, as it always does, poetry writes itself and we just go along.

Trying makes it worse. I still like the gist of the original poem so will leave it here. And in the meantime wait for another to come along and hope WordPress doesn’t glitch on me again

Enjoy your day, I hope it goes well, if only for awhile.

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