Tidal thoughts

High balcony leaping into space
A man stands upon it with a faraway look upon his face
I walk below
Contemplating the waves
Dogs pass me, happy in the moment
Pulling on leads, eager to jump ahead to the next five minutes, the turn in the path, what is coming around the bend
I have no lead
No wish to pull
I choose my thoughts carefully, watching those I discard fall far below, like seeds of weeds I don’t wish to sow

And places in my head, I have no desire to go

Omicron cases continue to rise, whipping the media into a frenzy of rabid reporting on morbid details and skyrocketing numbers. It’s all a bit shocking until you realise that’s just their job. Click bait and drama.

This holiday feels even more strangely bubble like than usual. We are keeping a low profile. Thanks to the thermomix I can whip up delicious easy meals at home so there is no need to eat out. The surf has been a mess because of an ex cyclone sitting just off the coast – I feel so sorry for the travellers that have paid massive amounts of money and jumped through all sorts of travel hoops just to be here in sunny Queensland only to have the weather go to crap and the beaches closed.

It’s the whole “man makes plans and God laughs” scenario. Perhaps that’s our lesson for 2022, delivered early so we can just carry that message forward into the year. Keep expectations low, don’t become attached to outcomes and view all plans with a slightly lifted brow. Get ready to dance on a shifting carpet and remain agile, flexible. I’m deeply into my yoga at the moment, think I’ll carry that forward to.

Whatever your plans, goals, wishes – I wish you the very best of luck and a gentle reminder – sometimes what we pray for is not what we receive, because there is something even better on the way.

*photo courtesy Unsplash

13 thoughts on “Tidal thoughts

  1. I’m struggling with an internal block against making plans. I feel like everything is going to shut down next week, so why bother. In truth, nothing will shut down, but I won’t want to go anywhere due to the covid wave. Still no reason to make plans. I took a test yesterday so I could visit my father (90). How long will that go on?

    • Me too. I thinks it is just a case of waiting for the storm to blow over now, I’m annoyed at the timing and chaos caused by a perceived lack of thought and preparation but that’s life, let’s get on with it 😁

    • Hi Patchwork Momma, I’m grateful for Yoga – it is such a wonderful outlet – I think it was BKS Isengard that said “what happens in the body is reflected in the mind and spirit”.

  2. Here in South Africa, where that variant was first announced (to much negative attention), even with high cases, our hospitalisation rates were still manageable and we stayed on the lowest alert level through the summer so far. Restrictions even eased a little more just before New Year’s. This variant has been far less destructive than delta.

    Our fourth wave is receding now, but it’s just strange seeing other countries go into such a frenzy – even though their vaccination rates are higher than ours.

    • That’s mostly the problem. The Government is still imposing too many parameters and restrictions when the time now is to let it go it’s natural course and let people be autonomous and make choices for themselves. There is a lot of mixed messaging and it was the wrong time of the year coupled with an I’ll preparedness that is breathtaking, literally in some cases unfortunately.

  3. I love the title!!👌 Definitely a lot of tidal thoughts flooding over us these days, here’s hoping for a calmer year this year🙏

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