Too beautiful to spoil

I don’t want to poem about heavy things

Not on an evening so light as this

Where the sky is fine bone china

Suffused with coral and fuchsia

Pierced by a single jet trail

My eyes follow it

Up and up and up

I wonder where it is headed

I feel the warmth of the stone stairs beneath my bare soled feet

Releasing the heat of the day

The night insects are practicing their scales out in the overgrown lawn behind me

And a magpie warbles from her branch

The sun sinks lower

The sky slowly drains of all colour

Fading eventually to black, a single star rewards my patient wait


I’ll think of heavy things now

I just didn’t want to spoil the sunset

11 thoughts on “Too beautiful to spoil

  1. Sometimes we avoid writing about those things because it’s just emotionally healthier to *be*, rather than exercising that muscle on topics that plunge us back into worldly concerns. You’ve captured the moment beautifully here. A literary photograph of what must have been an amazingly peaceful moment 💙.

    • I love the idea of literary photograph, a mind painting, that’s exactly what it was Yacoob. One of those moments of deep peace that could not be interrupted by negative thinking because I wouldn’t allow it. I’m better able to do this now, to buffer. There are so many beautiful moments that get buried otherwise. ✨

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