Bring me a synonym

This word is broken

I cannot use it anymore

It conjures up all together different and opposing meanings from that which it is supposed to

To me

This is the trouble with words

They come to us innocent and blank and we take them and sully them with the way in which we use them

Or allow them to use us




We attach them to ourselves, our actions and our meanings

Some words are the making of us

And some the breaking

But I cannot use this word anymore and I find that a tragedy

And in that small catastrophe lies a lesson

Do not mistake a word as a flimsy descriptor, weak and useless

Or it will break you into a million pieces

Shattering the cup that carried it

Words are vessels

And our actions become the hard ground upon which we throw them

Some grow weary from over use

Some become complicated and by their contrary nature, or ours, grow obtuse

Others, once personalised against our individual experience are weighted and draw us downward

No matter how lofty their original intent

It is somewhat ironic that this word, which is broken to me, usually sits so high on the energetic tree, but through my experience it now drains all colour from my mind when it whispers past

But it is just a word

I don’t have to use it, you say

Ahhh but words that mean the most, for good or for bad they haunt us the way that nothing else can, restlessly shifting, sand storms of the mind and the only way to retreat is to find

A worthwhile synonym

12 thoughts on “Bring me a synonym

  1. I so know what you mean. But give it time. Even four years absence may be enough. And one day in an airport terminal the word may run at you and jump joyfully into your arms, refreshed, restored, and changed.

    • Aha! But if joy is the word I much reach higher for bliss or peace or …something. It’s a pity, it used to be a favourite word of mine but I do find peace eminently peaceful , so there is that 😊

    • And it is rarely the tool which fails but the person using it – I know because I’ve had some words fail me moments and it wasn’t the word..but the fool 😏 oh well, if we’re lucky we learn and the luckier we are the wiser we become until finally – it isn’t luck but wisdom that works in our favour 🍃

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