What’s your word of the year?

Many people have taken up the habit of having a word for the year. They use it sort of like a new year’s intention.

I prefer to look back over the previous 12 months and come up with a word that encapsulates the year that has been. What I have learned perhaps.

It’s a pretty tough decision. I’ve looked back over my posts and also the gaps between posts. Finally I came up with one word.

It’s a nice word.


This year I have reached clarity, and its been a relief, a joy and a blessing.

I hope I can keep it moving into 2023.

What’s your word of the year?

Header photo: Nathan Dumlao Unsplash

8 thoughts on “What’s your word of the year?

  1. Resignation maybe. Not the most positive word, but some things have to be accepted, like death, though acceptance feels too positive for how I feel to date –but maybe it’s a transition word to something even a bit better like contentment (never quite possible to a person with goals), or maybe peace. No, maybe faith is the word I’m working toward which doesn’t give you peace 24/7, but comfort 24/7. Maybe soon…

    • I like the word acceptance more than the word resignation. Acceptance feels like a stair to pause on, but then keep going. Resignation feels more like a stop sign. I have noticed that peace is my goal increasingly. I search for it in situations and people and acceptance often brings forth peace. I hope you find some soon Lynn.

  2. Kate, I like your word of choice for this year. I believe that clarity is essential in moving forward. It’s so much lacking in our world today. As for me, I’ve never considered a word for defining my year: Adaptation? Loss?

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