Notes from the butterfly

Days fly by

What a funny thing to say

I peg washing

Laundry flapping wildly in this January wind

Correct myself again

It’s February already

So it is a February wind that beats the clothes about so fiercely

How do days fly by?

We don’t notice them passing

See their trails in the sky

Instead they leave lines on skin

Unanswered sighs

Months fly by

And soon it will be Christmas again

*I meant to return to this blog after Christmas, then it became January, or when I got home, or back to work, or sometime vaguely in the future. Last night I lay in bed, half a poem wandering around my head, and realised that just like the days we don’t notice, so our vague notions become our reality.

If left long enough my blog would be reduced to an online ghost if I didn’t make the effort to simply get back into the habit of writing a post each day.

And I like my blog, this small corner in which to sit and ponder things, read other peoples ponderings, and also to let that part of my head that receives notes from nature, butterflies that alight upon the page, that special place of creativity that all of us humans share – unfurl.

Also, I found a lovely quote about time passing and thought to include it here:

“Time flies over us but leaves its shadow behind” Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Many thanks to Calvin Mano Unsplash for the header photo.

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