The frame in which we find our selves

“Your energy is sacred”

The words hit me from a sign in a shop that I had been wandering around in on holidays. It was a beautiful shop. The kind full of heavy linen, textures, candles, delicious aromas, chunky chrystals, natural fibres. Everything was in muted tones of cream, brown, auburn, black, white, beige. Tassles. Straw. Coastal chic but with more depth (and higher price tags).

The words that had so struck me from across the room were even better close up. I’m a person of ritual and talismans. A person who when something resonates, I need to tuck it into my bag and take it home with me. Treasures.

The price tag was ridiculous. I snorted. I could make the same thing in Canva, print it out, find a nice frame and it would cost me all of $20. Nope. No. No way.

I left the shop but the words wouldn’t leave me. They followed me all of my long walk home.

“Your energy is sacred”

The phrase chimed like a clock as I woke up the next morning. Then chimed again as I went for a swim in the ocean. They sang all the way down the hill and all the way back up again. They followed me into shops and painted my eyes glazed as I drank strong coffee and pondered them. The words seemed to be mine, I certainly couldn’t shake them.

Here is the thing with words. They are like the notes of a song that turn into an ear worm and won’t leave you. I have thousands of words, phrases, sentences that bang about in my head, but only a few that I keep in my heart and bubble up as naturally as these ones.

“Your energy is sacred”

This isn’t a quote that is attributable to a person, it seemed to be more of a piece of advice, or admonishment. A guideline. These words spoke to me when I was choosing what to eat for the day. My energy is sacred and what I put into my body dictates how my energy is going to be affected. Why would I add garbage, or at least – why would’t I add plenty of nourishment first and then the garbage wouldn’t be so effective at bringing me down.

If you are regarding your energy as sacred then you think about who you want to spend time with. Are they are drain, or do they add sparkle to your life?

If your energy is sacred then it automatically follows that everyone elses energy is sacred also – how do you protect your own energy whilst also ensuring that you don’t adversely affect another persons? Do you whine and complain, get angry over small petty things? Perhaps it would be best not to do that – both for yourself and others. The words filtered everything and everyone. I couldn’t seem to stop them doing so, although I didn’t really try. I found them extremely helpful. Clarifying. I certainly made so many better choices because of them.

Those words followed me around all holidays. They guided my actions and thoughts when meeting up with relatives and friends. They stuck with me every day, they become a filter through which I saw the world and myself.

On the last day as we were packing up I knew the words were special enough to want them around me forever.

But the source of such things is important. I don’t think my budget fixer upper make do would have resonated in quite the same way as that frame with the words just as I had originally seen them. With a small sigh for the passing of cash on what was essentially – words I had been carrying around for free anyway – back I returned to the shop.

I’m glad I did. I had a very long conversation with the owner, who turned out to be quite the kindred spirit. And those sorts of connections are always lovely. The words were not expensive – the frame was. It turns out that it is of a type that they don’t make anymore. Because they are too fragile to post. A large antiqued metal and glass (very heavy). The beauty of which is that the front opens so that you can easily insert a different sign or artwork. Maybe I’ll always keep these words or maybe not, but when I find new ones, I can insert them into the frame for awhile too – just to thank them for having such an impact on me. I left the frame opposite the front door of our beach house where I can see it every time I return.

I thought perhaps you might like them too.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.

The only thing which we truly own and can therefore control is our energy. It is an invisible yet indelible, palpable force in our body and surrounds. It is one of the first things we notice when we meet someone, whether we are aware of it or not, our subconscious certainly is.

As an afterthought and in case you don’t like these words and are searching for something different, my kindred spirit shop owner has the same sort of frame hanging in her house and she plays with different quotes and words to insert all the time. I had to laugh when she told me what she currently had hanging in there….

“A wise woman once said f*ck this shit and she lived happily ever after”

So there is that 🙂

We all have different words that we use as our frame and guide at different seasons of our lives. Those were hers, but these are mine. For now at least.

Your energy is sacred….. Protect it, use it well and tip out anything in your orbit which does not serve and nourish you.

See you tomorrow, have a great day X

Header picture : Pine Watt Unsplash – 🙏 😊✨

11 thoughts on “The frame in which we find our selves

  1. Those few words have so much meaning behind them. Yes, each of our energies are sacred and that’s why it’s so important to protect it.

  2. This definitely resonates with me. I just started a handbell ensemble and I don’t have alot to teach these experienced ringers. But i can give them a positive hour or so and support. I’m going to share this with them. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  3. I love this, Kate. You’ve written such beautiful words with an even more beautiful message. It’s worded perfectly, and although I haven’t thought of this before, I can identify with our energy being sacred. It’s not something I would have considered or even been willing to live by in my earlier life, but I can certainly see the sense in it now, having read your post. It’s not always easy to care for, value and cherish ourselves and our energy, but it’s important. I try to look after myself and will think more about your words as I go along. I’m so glad you went back to the shop to get the frame with these meaningful words in it, and I think It would be good to have a change every now and then, as you never know what phrase you may come across in the future that could have just as much meaning and a new positive impact on your life and thoughts. Thanks for sharing this thought-provoking post, Kate. Xx 🤗💞

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