My dog, covered in sticky mud, sprayed me with filth as he shook it off

He smiled at me, even though I had just yelled at him five minutes ago for almost jerking my arm out of my socket – chasing a rabbit


They act on impulse born of instinct, love deeply, forgive quickly, and let go – constantly – of whatever happened as it passes

Daily I walk behind their happy waving tales

Hoping some of their traits

will rub off on me.

Dogma is for fools and followers, dogs though, dogs are for people who love.

Header picture Ringo, one of my beloved dogs, Hogan and Bodhi below ❤️

5 thoughts on “Dogma

  1. What gorgeous dogs, Kate. And look at those eyes in the bottom photo (Bodhi?) – they’re so appealing. I’m a cat person, really, but I like the fact that dogs are so loyal, unlike cats, who are the master or lord/lady of the house! Nevertheless, I love my cat, Peanut. I’m sure Peanut thinks she owns me! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. Xx 🐶🐾💕

    • Yes Bodhi Ellie – she had very expressive eyes, quite human like really, but then so is she. We have never had cats, always dogs. Dogs seem to find me even when Inswear I’m not getting anymore, a stray will turn up or one that needs extra love and attention

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