The dream of self

Who do you see when you look at me?

I don’t think you know

We filter so much of who we think people to be

I wonder how anyone could change at all

How sad to be trapped in another persons mind

If that’s who you think you are

And haven’t looked to find yourself

Over and over

Changeling you are growing

*I ask a lot of questions, always have. I’m infinitely curious about everything. As a child I drove my father bonkers, probably everyone else as well, but Dad was someone who never held back when he had an opinion about someone and to him, I was overly talkative and overly curious.

Eventually society wears you down. You become quieter, better behaved and outwardly more cautious. But I’ve never lost my relentless curiosity.

For a long time I was curious about out there, but as the years went by I had the realisation that everything out there, is merely a reflection of in here . And that if I wished to change anything out there, I first had to change myself.

And so I became curious in an altogether new direction

The self is an endlessly fascinating place to explore. It’s cheap, accessible and open 24 hours a day. I haven’t hit the bottom yet and I don’t think I ever will. We are always evolving and transforming.

I ask a lot of questions, I watch, I listen. Asking questions is interesting. Things like “Well why do I think that?” When a strong emotion or opinion arises. Or, “Where does that belief come from, and is it even true?” “Why did I do/say/ that?” And so on. Questions are the quickest way to discover who you are and why you tick. You can use the information to change. To grow.

Our own selves are the only person who will never leave us alone. We take them everywhere. We live through them. So many people who live lives of desperation, hating themselves, judging and criticising themselves and yet never spending the time to get to know their own self, their preferences and beliefs and why they are the way they are

Surely we are worth a portion of the time we spend thinking of others

In order to live a life of meaning, we have to know the meanings we ourselves imbue on our exterior world

If everything is just a dream from which we will eventually wake, the first place to begin is from within the dream of who we are.

Lots of pictures in this post. I couldn’t decide which AI-generated piece to use because I loved them all, so I included them all. Yay made it to a week of posting on my blog! Committment kept. Thanks for reading.

18 thoughts on “The dream of self

  1. that is one powerful line: ‘how sad to be trapped in another person’s mind’; you could write a book on that; perhaps it’s already been done; and, of course, the other person has a differeing view of you than you have of yourself; no wonder relationships crumble: the wonder is when they work at all; I am always bemused and , yes, envious when I see couple still together after forty years —

  2. We are curious creatures so our curiosity (especially the inward type you mention) is worth indulging in. I work in a field where science intersects with creativity and I can’t tell you how much I wish we didn’t crush children’s curiosity through our education and upbringing. It’s much harder to reignite in adults. Thanks for sharing your post!

  3. I love that you’re still curious 🙂 I’m glad the harshness of the world hasn’t beaten that out of you and I hope you’ll always stay open to learning and keep asking those questions. I bet you were a gorgeous little kid; filled with wonder and curiosity 🙂 I like that you ask yourself “why do I feel that?” when you recognise you’re responding to something. I like that you seek answers from within, that’s amazing growth. Sending you big hugs xx

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