Stilling instead of Filling

I watch you

come bustling

hustling through the door

drop your bag

Immediately stop

And look around for more

Wander towards the fridge

The pantry

The kettle

What will you have





before the next



on your “to do” list commences

Taking over your attention

Don’t do that!

Don’t fill this precious gap with food

Trying to fill yourself up

as if there is something you lack

what you lack

is not food

nor fat

For Godsake woman you only ate lunch an hour ago! 😧




Sip the Green Tea, the Rosehip, the Earl Grey or the Bush Honey

Sip the Chamomile, or the Irish or whatever else is in the cupboard

But it doesn’t need an aside

to put inside

It is enough – just as it is

So come



be still

So still that the thought butterflies cease their flitting in the ether

Sidle closer softly nearer



Arriving hither

Out of thin air

They alight on the still clarity of your mind

No longer scared

Beautiful wings beating in and out

in and out

The tea is enough

To fill the gap

If you do it right – it will fill you up



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