Where anxiety arises from

The difference between what you believe in

And what you do

Is the place where discomfort arises

And festers

Becoming full blown anxiety if you don’t close the gap

And come into alignment

*When anxiety arises I know that living in-authentically is one of the major causes with me.

Sometimes we are pulled off tangent by others

Sometimes we drift of our own accord into habits and behaviours that don’t serve us

Once you know your truth, you cannot unknow it

Trying to ignore it or revert back to old behaviour patterns for whatever reason will just end up pulling your out of alignment and cause dis ease.

One of the best ways I know to pull my entire system back into alignment is yoga

So doing plenty of that

As the body straightens and loses its kinks clarity arises

With clarity we know exactly what we need to do

Then it is simply a case of having the gumption to do so

It’s amazing how courage trumps anxiety every single time

Even though taking steps of courage is often a walk through the hellfire of fear

Yet there is always a reward


Being at peace within is worth any amount of discomfort

Which sounds a little oxymoronic but it’s not really, I would rather do what I do and be at peace within then try and bend myself into a more suitable version for another’s opinion

One is subject to change and misinterpretation

The other is embedded in the bedrock of our own discerning

And because I’m using my cameras again here is a photo I took at dawn this morning..the power poles along our road – they stand so straight and look like crosses – some religious effigy to power – I rather like them and often photograph them because within the radius of my home …there isn’t a lot to photograph 😂

16 thoughts on “Where anxiety arises from

    • Thanks Olivia! I am loving taking photos again, hey I just followed your link and found bloglovin how cool is that! WordPress reader is a little glitchy – I’m going to begin loading all my fave blogs over there as well – do you find it works well?

      • Ah that’s brilliant! I love Bloglovin’ its such a great site, I’ve never had any problems with it myself.
        I find its great for finding blogs and keeping up with blogs I follow xx

  1. beautifully written, i’ve heard yoga helps, i suffer from a stress caused condition. I wrote about it recently and this blog really struck a chord in me❤️

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