Imbuing heaviness – is the situation as it is or as you think it?

Bougainvillea tangles


Yet the blood produced is not as bright as the exuberant blooms

That sway overhead in the breeze

Fuchsia plumes

Loaded with the hot scent of summer

Dance and sway on the breeze

Lifting hairs to nape

Bringing cool relief to pin points of sweat

Pearls dripping


Nobbling spine

Ache and stretch

Move onto weeding the next garden bed

Damp mud on the knees

In half moons beneath fingernail tips

A dead beetle carried aloft by a funeral procession of ants

He is not mourned

As far as I know

Anymore than the fallen leaves

The plucked weeds

The dead bird who struck the window last week

How fragile are we

As we carry all our feelings

Like hankies in the pockets

Spare change

Dropping none at all

Carrying them on

To the eye

We remain the same

Outwardly human

Inwardly, beneath the skin

Giant receptacles

For useless reverie

My dog plays in the grass nearby

Unaware of my deepening sigh

We put such heavy connotations on days as they pass us by





Imbuing ephemeral things with heavy meaning

Yet the bird flies over them all

Without a second thought

Perhaps that’s why they fly

They are so light

How could they not?

*is the situation as it is or as you think it?

Those ten thousand concerns? Are they necessary or can you put them aside just for awhile and be here now just for awhile.

The header picture is a photo I took of Hogan yesterday afternoon – I have had my cameras out again after a long break – I had forgotten how beautiful a good lens/ camera combo could be – time to get snapping again.

Hogan at the top and very bottom is clean Hogan – he took a bit of washing and shampooing after the muddy dip but came out looking like a rockstar (can see him with a leather vest and chains or perhaps a surfer dude – anyway more pointless reverie;)

Here’s another couple – this camera is a Canon 6D with a Carl Zeis Planer T 25mm (think I have that right) it is a manual lens that gives a very special quality to landscape shots, a bit more practice required.

17 thoughts on “Imbuing heaviness – is the situation as it is or as you think it?

  1. Wonderful visuals and sensory descriptions. I can see the bougainvillea contrasting against the bloody finger the thorn pierced. And I love your Hogan! Inspired on Crocodile Dundee, I presume. Thanks for sharing?

  2. YES! You’re a Canon gal like me 🙂 I gave my good Canon to Archie and I now have a refurbished Canon Rebel T6. My zoom lens is an ancient Tamron lens that belonged to the deceased brother of a couple I clean for. But hell, nothing beats a real camera, how I miss film and the smell of the dark room. Beautiful shots and beautiful poem!

    • I went through a phase of being hooked on gear several years ago – notably obscure lenses – it was an addiction that I’m thankfully over as it was costly. Mostly it stemmed from my frustration with not having enough time to take photos. I think any camera is a good camera these days and it is
      More the person behind the camera rather than the lens on the front that makes a good photo but…I still enjoy these lenses. I have an Olympus as well which is its place but my big frame Canon is always the first one I pick up particularly with this lens.

      • All things camera are delightful. When I’m back on my feet I have my eye on a few pieces of gear 🙂 I consider lenses to be a great investment. But yes, the person using the gear also helps haha 🙂

  3. Your poetry is so beautiful – I felt truly transported to the garden. I love pottering in my garden because its such a “thought-full” time/space to be in and your poem really reflected that for me.

    • I’ve been back in the garden because it has finally rained here and the weeds are easy to pull and everything is flourishing. When the weather cooperates the garden is a truly magical place, you can feel life surrounding and nudging you. I’ve been loving it. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a lovely compliment 😊

  4. Dogs were placed on this Earth to show us what True Love is all about…..Cats were sent to tell what Service vs Slavery is all about. I have no idea what Humans were placed here for……Maybe the Great Spirit enjoys a good war? If there is such a thing as a “good war?” Your Poetry is getting better & better Keep It Up^….. ________________________________

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