Turn your comments on if you want conversation!

This morning I had something occur which is frustrating – because I couldn’t do much about it.

A lady is in hospital in pain and is all crumpled inside

Her chance of having children is now gone

She was asking for some love, some conversation from the depths of her blog

Yet her comments weren’t on

And there is no information on her website as to how I might send her some

She is obviously someone who loves God, has her faith and will be supported by that

But she would like some human angels to send her some love too

We all need that sometimes – luckily I’ve got a loving support group

Not everyone does when they fall in a hole

They’re not there forever – maybe only a day, an hour

But here is the thing

When you ask for help

You have to “turn your comments on”

Yes I’m using this term metaphorically now because that is the lesson that came to me..

In order to receive – you must ensure you are first open to receive it

Also on a purely practical point

I’ve had the comments “turned off” thing happen to me and someone let me know through another way – it’s a settings thing on your post – sometimes for whatever reason it skips to closed comments – ensure it is open or you have other ways such as an email or something on your website, (twitter handle, insta) for others to contact you.

Some people leave comments off on purpose and that is fine too.

Okay so my entire purpose is to send some love to this lady who is probably sound asleep and fine now but..

Back to you now fellow female friend blogger – it’s a tough day – my sons are everything to me – I can’t imagine not having them in my life but perhaps your path is different – kids take a lot of time and energy, maybe you are intended to use all that time and energy on something else.

Words aren’t a lot of use in this situation and I’m probably using the wrong ones so – here is some love and a virtual hug – I hope you can feel it – I am so sincerely sending it to you.

Here is her blog post http://halaluyahuah.com/2020/02/05/well-its-done/ it takes two seconds to send some sunshine – a smile, a heart or a like to someone – even if they haven’t got their comments on or (in the real world) don’t look like they want conversation.

27 thoughts on “Turn your comments on if you want conversation!

  1. Many don’t know that you can turn comments off or on for individual posts. Somehow, It wasn’t me, a recent post of mine had the comments turned off, and I had to go into the old WP administrator to turn them on. I still use the old WP administrator on occasion. Seems like the newer versions are more limited in what you can do.

    • I’ve had the same thing happen to me. I blog a lot from my phone – luckily another blogger let me know my comments were off – I had to go back to the lap top to fix it. Some people like their comments turned off on purpose but most people like to have a chat so I always let people know.

      • Intercessory Prayer is needed for everyone. We all have sickness and trouble in our lives. Sincerity and true Faith in the Lord is the key to overcome the sin, pain and sorrows in this world and Love for Christ Jesus. Thanks for your support.

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