Deeper in

Looking out the window

Of a spaceship in flight

An astronaut

Could be forgiven

For thinking this planet solid

A simple spinning




Zoom in closer

And closer

It isn’t a ball

At all

Closer in still

Humans looming larger

An eyeball


Put them under a microscope

Watch those globes disappear again

Nothing is solid

Nothing is as it appears

We just keep falling

Deeper in

*Placed under a microscope – solid reality crumbles

This morning I was running beneath the still dark sky – one star so bright and large it seemed to be glowing just for me

Above in a vaulted arc

Someone had cast a vast black velvet blanket

Making the bed

Then spread

Nature’s fairy lights – mesmerising

I was overcome by this sense of awe – of how fortunate I was to be aware of this moment – to be fully immersed in what felt like pure magic

It is an amazing world and we are amazing ourselves

Humans can conceptualise, dream, innovate, imagine and so much more!

We have a capacity to not only be aware

But to be self aware

We should be astonished and walk around constantly in awe


Normalcy blinkers

Instead we tap our feet as the kettle boils and stare out the window – blind and unseeing

Trapped in a head full of chatter

About tiny



That aren’t real

13 thoughts on “Deeper in

  1. I agree wholeheartedly, a world within and a world without. Gazing upward at the wonders of the universe and the microorganisms that function within our body….and that not even observing the soul…..oh.oh. where is it, in that sense of awe, that pure magic?

    • I’ve been feeling this so much lately and life has taken on such lustre Len. Wish I could stay in those moments of awe but the phone rings and business calls and things go wrong and the mundane nudges in – I think we can take it back in chunks though. The more awareness and depth there is to life the more extraordinarily beautiful it becomes. I’m working on it – seems like a very worthwhile pursuit and so rewarding. Chasing sunrises 🌅❤️😊

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