These weedy times

The eaten out field

Toxic and poisoned

Full of weeds

The situation looks hopeless

But to one who knows

That weeds grow

To heal the earth


Is already alive

And working

*One of the teachings of permaculture – weeds grow where the soil needs healing.

Times like these ..

Perhaps the weeds of 2020 grow for a reason

Renewing faith in different seasons ahead

6 thoughts on “These weedy times

  1. I hope so. It’s so hard to see that happening within a hundred years and that lets my kids and grandkids out. I haven’t completely given up hope and I hope it’s not as bad as this looks, but I have never seen anything so scary before. Why do they think everyone in the world wanted to come to the US before… because its basic foundation is/was good. I guess there won’t be any reason for that anymore because we will not be a free country or an economically stable one soon. They are hunting down anyone who doesn’t believe exactly like them and even silence won’t satisfy them–not that we can afford to be silent. It’s just like Nazi Germany. Either you salute or they will destroy you. And we cannot go along like they did in Nazi Germany. I don’t know if you can see that from Australia or if it’s happening there. But it’s like a grief process, we are losing all that America was, and I just don’t see anything good coming out of it like things usually do. What “they” think is good, I think is disaster on almost every front: free speech, free enterprise. Once free speech is gone, there is no such thing as freedom, let alone free enterprise. The only thing “free” is what they think the government (us) owes them. Somehow people who have worked hard all their lives have “taken” something from those that don’t. I know plenty of people personally that this applies to. We should take care of disabled people and we do, but people need to take responsibility for themselves and their lives. No more JFK — think not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. He would be cancelled for that today.. And it appears this virus is ticking up in parts of the country and if that doesn’t calm down, it will likely get Biden elected, senile as he is, with his AOC cohorts and Kamala Harris socialists all in tow. People used to come to the US to escape tyranny. Now there’s no place to go. Well, I’ve put a damper on your nice hopeful post.– a sentiment I usually whole heartedly agree with. I’ll keep trying…

    • Hi Lynn – you didn’t put a damper on anything, thanks for your long thoughtful comment. It’s been a year of huge upheaval so far – everything is turning upside down – I haven’t been watching the news of late as it drives me nuts and makes me mutter. A sense of futile stupidity is rampant in some areas – more so than usual. It’s the weeds. I finished my book and have begun pitching to agents. I’m studying. I’m running and talking to my dogs and waiting for the madness to pass like a storm. As the song says, every storm runs out of rain. It’s the 1st of July – each month seems to bring us some new level in the game – take care.

  2. I have this discussion with my wife all the time. She’s the flower expert and I do the grunt work to where she points. I say” Why am I pulling this one out, look at the flowers, I rather like it “. She replies that it’s too pervasive and will take over the whole garden if it’s not pulled. Perhaps this is a little like political correctness, cancel culture and other current hashtags, where the ideas seem innocent, but if they become pervasive our freedoms will be eroded.

    • A very good way to look at it. I live on the fringes and rarely dip my toe in politics. I’ve given up watching the news. I have guilt about that – I feel like the diplomatic reasonable voice is needed now more than ever and I have that voice, should use it but I’m waiting for the madness to pass. Nobody can argue with bullying blind behaviour. I know there are many like me and that gives me hope. At the last election everyone was sure that Labour was going to get in. A miracle occurred – the new PM called them the quiet Australians – and that’s what we are. I sat up till I saw him get in and cried with relief. Nothing is perfect with either side of politics of course but there is definitely a better side, in my opinion, and thankfully for the moment, it’s in power.

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