That bag of snakes

There’s a fog this morning

Warm air bumping into cold

The greater atmospherics

Out of my control

I simply woke into this day

Running along

Becoming gently soaked

The next metre or so

Barely discernible

In ayurvedic medicine there is a correlation

Between the conditions within

And the conditions without

I believe this

And wonder

What clears the internal fog?

It is not thinking

That is certain

Attention to thought is like turning on a smoke machine

Bellowing grey

To fill the corners of the mind

There is no food or magic elixir

That helps

Instead it is almost a requirement to step outside of self

Outside of this spinning never stop thought built universe

Discard it like a suit

Crumpled on the ground

My wraith like attention gone wandering

To commune with the stars

The rocks

The small parrots nesting in a hollowed out fence post in the gully

They make more sense then the evening news

The hawk that circles

The ants building quietly

And with focus

My dog who stretches in the sun

One paw messaging at my arm

“Scratch my belly”

A reality

That is not dependent at all

On this thinking world

That never stops

A life we can choose to step into

And away

From mind induced


What is real?

What is not?

If we don’t pay attention to it

Will it stop?

Is this heresy

The mark of a coward

Retreating from Man U fractured reality

Does it make it less so?

Who knows

I’ve dropped it

The load

That squirming bag of snakes

You can investigate them further

Poke them about

Their venom

If bitten

Will run in your veins

But in the end

You choose

To tangle

With what is in the bag

Or walk past it




*”today” can sometimes be two days or more in the past when I write, so don’t get too hung up on “this morning” it may have been a few days ago. My song line (this blog) is written as I dream it into reality but the time lines of posting lag as I schedule ahead.

Otherwise some days there would be four poems and other days nothing. Consistency is key for readers.

Header image taken Wednesday morning when indeed there was a thick fog blanketing the morning I woke into.

16 thoughts on “That bag of snakes

  1. Filled with insight that need our attention. I believe that there can be no “[r]etreating from Man U fractured reality” since we all live on the same piece of rock, called Earth, trapped in endless motion around a star.

    • Thanks Rosaliene life is like a series of endless Russian Dolls – the deeper in we go the more there is to open. Still, sometimes it is nice to stop opening and walk away from the toys of imagination.

  2. As usual, I love it. Perspective when it’s hard to maintain it. You have to step outside of self, you’re right about that. Or at least gain a new vantage point.

    “Actually, the problem is that I can’t lose my mind,” I said. “It’s inescapable.”
    ― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down

    Yet it seems the only way…

  3. Wonderful! and I’m not bothered about the chronology of your poetry, its the moment captured, the thought expressed, that’s the crucial thing and you’ve done it again here!

  4. Oh this is so well written, I love it. Love the lines about bag of snakes to walk past, and the mark of a coward – great stuff! I think sorting our minds is brave ❤️

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