Explanation is the erosion of the original thought


Is an erosion

If it begins in defence

An unravelling occurs

Building momentum

As it rolls

Tearing strips from the soul

Of any artist

If it means to enlighten

The words spill one over the other

Over the other

Not always going anywhere



To the non verbal thinker

And inward dweller

Explanation is hell

Preferable all round

Is silence

Questions after all

Are just words

Making the rounds

Step out of the whirlpool


As my Mother always said

Keep your own counsel

*Kate Moss “never complain, never explain” as a recovering explainer I find this concept so deeply relaxing.

Header photo – chairs along the wall of a simple tin, one room house in Windorah Qld. It belongs to the man below who kindly let me take his photo. We had a long chat.

He lives so simply that it is difficult to fathom. Even more so given the extremes in temperatures that our outback climate delivers.

Australian zen at its best. I travelled through Windorah on a bike trip a few years ago. Like most of these little towns – it was the people that made it great – a very friendly bunch.

7 thoughts on “Explanation is the erosion of the original thought

    • That used to be me. Still is at times, if I’m provoked unexpectedly. But I pretty much know what the people around me are prone to saying – and I accept them for who they are. The thing is, many people simply never change. The ones that do though, I have the best conversations with because they are open minded and constantly learning. I don’t mind explaining things to people who actually want to learn something new – whether they agree with it or not is beside the point and we can debate that rationally. It’s the other kind that can only comprehend from the level of their own understanding (and have no interest in broadening their views) that I cannot be bothered with. They are the same people that howl down others in an argument and believe that their way is the only right way – plenty of them about. Freedom of speech is important but explaining yourself is optional and need only be undertaken when you feel like it and not necessarily just because someone – anyone, asks “why?”. 😊

  1. Oh, oh. I must be torturer in chief to the non-verbal thinker. I have a habit of questioning if I don’t understand anything. Why is the sky blue, why is the grass green. I don’t understand this line in your poetry, I’m not sure why you said that, why did your character do that. The man from Windorah Qid doesn’t have air conditioning. Considering it’s 34/98 degrees and humid here. How does he survive? See another question.

    • Hahaha oh Len I’m a questioner too, always questioning, anyone who enjoys life is curious. I don’t mean the genuinely curious. I meant the person that asks a question trying to catch another out or begin an argument just for the sake of arguing.
      Now the man that lives in the little house in all weather – he sleeps outside at night sometimes on a stretcher bed, the earth is cooler and he no doubt wanders down to the pub which is air conditioned – throughout the day. We have to remember that air conditioning is a relatively modern invention – I remember growing up we never had air conditioning though when I was older i had a little fan. I used to walk downstairs in the middle of the night and step under the shower and then come back up and lie on my bed soaking wet on the worst nights. Mum would say, lie very still and there is a breeze. Mindfulness for kids – I would lie very still and indeed there would be a breeze. As to why colours exist – it’s our brains seeing them that way. Other animals see them differently I believe. So does that make how we see them correct? I’m not sure – but they are certainly wonderful. Life is amazing.

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