The song of the ants

She said that she was hanging by a thread

Find yourself a tree I said

Some dirt

Sit awhile

Close your eyes

And listen for the song of the ants

Lifting several times their body weight

They come

Plying bitten off leaves

The seeds of grass and flowers

Working together

Their communities are powerful

They do what they shouldn’t possibly be able

By listening to the earth

Remaining stable

As the humans above


Out of control

Our great big brains tuned in

To the echoes of thoughts that have been thought and thought and thought

For a Millenia

Where has it got us?

Sitting in the dirt

Back to a tree

Waiting for the grounded wisdom of ants

To rise up through the leaves

And permeate

Even the thickest of skulls

*header photo taken when I dropped morning tea down to Steve this morning. I like to sit down with him, he likes it too. I saw these colours, like an abstract painting. Everything is art.

22 thoughts on “The song of the ants

  1. Love your poem. Well said. We humans have forgotten what it’s like to work together, like the humble ant, for a common goal. “Our great big brains” are so tuned into our own sense of greatness and entitlement, that we’ve lost whatever control we ever had over our lives. Have a great weekend 🙂 It’s a three-day holiday weekend here for America’s Independence Day celebrations.

  2. Really beautiful and powerful poem. I love the photo too, it does indeed look abstract.

    The meaning in your piece is thoughtful and again, powerful. It’s interesting that in nature’s endeavors, there is a mystifying element in structure on how insects function, along with animals. Great piece!

    • Hi Lucy – Yes! Bees fascinate me, ants, even termites – they are so busy and focused. They all look out for their communities and seem to live for the greater good. If we could model our society on this ethos we would heal many problems. Thanks for your thoughtful comment 😊

  3. Your words encouraged me yesterday and today, they are cemented in my heart. It’s with nature I feel the most grounded. Thick skulls rarely understand miracles. If only the strength and teamwork of ants could be evident in us “above the dirt dwellers”. This piece will be printed and reread for years to come. ❣️💚

    • Thanks Karla, it stuck in my head when I wrote it as well. Some poems don’t they seem to come out and then I nearly forget I’ve written them. Looking back through my blog I am sometimes surprised at them. I hope I remember it too 😊unfortunately our brains are leaky buckets for this sort of thing.

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