Phoenix Quills

It would have been hot

Feathers dropping off

Crispy and charcoal

Curled in pain

Yet you didn’t let fear stop you

As your rose again


Like a just washed dog

Amber eyes

Staring into mine

Fierce and glowing

Handing me a feather

I dip your quill

And the words

Rise from ether

*I had a dream about a Phoenix not too long ago. This is kind of blended with a thought here- probably means more to me than the reader but that’s poetry in general – the language of the subconscious.

Would it not be cool to have a quill made from the feathers of a Phoenix? Very Harry Potterish.

Oh and it’s my birthday – another year tacked up – how blessed to still be here with so much ahead.


20 thoughts on “Phoenix Quills

  1. Happy birthday to such a beautiful soul! 💕Yes, the Phoenix quills, Harry “Potterish”….and would you believe I have a feather in my pocket? Sitting around the campground fire ring this morning a feather floated down and I grabbed it (thinking of Forrest Gump). Is it a coincidence you mention feather? You’ve been a blessing since birth; I’m certain. ❣️May you stay blessed and healthy. Keep on being you.💚

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