The prickly coat


Is a coat we choose to don

It is made of stiff hairs

And prickles

That are so uncomfortable

That we yell at someone else

“Take this thing off me!”

And we call it half a dozen other things

Which of course – confuses the message

And everything inside

Stays the same






Header photo: my husband and horse down the paddock, evening, taken awhile back. Serene.

I am tired of outrage

Outrage breeds outrage breeds outrage and you know what out rage is?

Rage on the outside

Where it pollutes everything it touches

And I am careful to walk around the prickly coat and not allow it to deposit itself on me as I say

There just needs to be less rage

There are so many beautiful things and people in this world for which to be grateful

And it feels like silk against the skin

The choice therefore I make with ease.

5 thoughts on “The prickly coat

  1. Another great and timely post!! The photo is excellent too 😉
    I just don;t know how you do it! You consistently post strong poetry of quality. I’m stuck trying to think of what to write next. I’ve a few ideas but none are really biting me yet. Pahh. Stay well and hope you had a good birthday!

    • Hi and good morning! You are an excellent writer and I find your blog absolutely fascinating – I’m trying to get back there to read a post from this week but it’s been one of those writing weeks rather than reading weeks. I think it’s just the way that thoughts come out of me. I do have times when I turn the tap on and get a series of dust and old frog carcasses instead of water …but I also have faith that if I go and kick the pump it will flow again eventually 😁your ideas will come, and when they do it will be brilliant. Any dinosaurs in Brittany that people thought were dragon bones? Perhaps you’ve already written on it – let me know if you have I love 🐉💜

      • Thank you for such kind and encouraging words!!! I really, really appreciate them!!
        No dinosaur bones that I am aware of but I’ll have a nose around; plenty of frog carcasses and salamanders though 🙂

  2. I agree, wholeheartedly, Kate. I’m beginning to think that social media as a whole was a very bad idea. We were much better off without it. Except for WordPress of course.

    • Haha yes WordPress is completely different Len – it’s like reading an engaging and authentic book. Well mostly anyway. Social media is like a virtual world full of avatars and actors that is not absorbing then anything humans have previously encountered. It’s no wonder people are getting persuaded into thinking it’s real. Between that and the real life “movie” it is deeply concerning as to where humans will end up. I think many people will wake up one day to find that the real world is gone and all that’s left is a virtual construct of it – which will never even begin to match the diversity that is currently available to us if we just open up and enjoy it.

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