The Movie

Every human has a brain

The brain produces thoughts about the world around and inside the human

The thoughts create emotions that the human experiences

The thoughts become the movie narrator

The emotions create how the human experiences the movie

And the entire drama is very absorbing

Far more absorbing then the designer ever thought it would be

The designer thought that surely the humans would find the watcher

The observer

Inside of them

The designer had installed a hack

A way out of the dream

It was part of the plan

The designer installed the hack carefully of course it wasn’t obvious because that would wreck the magic of the movie experience but surely…

I mean – have you ever been to a movie where a little guy would run down the aisles reminding everyone every ten minutes that it was “just a movie”

No, because that would be distracting

And weird

And you wouldn’t enjoy the movie

But the hack was there

Surely they would find it

But many humans didn’t

Many humans became absorbed into the “game” the “movie”

And they lived their entire lives that way

Never coming out of the cinema

Into the bright sunlight

With goosebumps fading


“Man, that was a great movie!”

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