What if I could?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed

I write a lot

I post most days


I have a lot more to chat about

Plenty of other topics

Some of you might like to hear a bit more and I just discovered my email list on here

I have five subscribers!

I don’t want to hit these five subscribers with even more than they already receive in the way of emails

I have so many “junk” and spammy emails in my inbox that it is frustrating and annoying

However, I do have emails in there from people I follow and enjoy along with great information that I am genuinely interested in

So it’s a handy system

And, fair warning is given to those that do not wish to receive any more emails

It’s easy – get out now people


Just don’t sign up

But you know what is truly exciting?

I just discovered newsletters and I’m doing a monthly one.

Because it is a new type of content creation, and one I think the part of me that wants to write deeper and longer about a diverse range of topics

Will really enjoy

I tend to be an over achiever when I’m inspired so

My news letter will not be that lightweight piece of paper that is commonly found under your windscreen wiper in the supermarket car park

It’s not going to be full of useless information

It’s not going to be a spammy thing that hits you in the inbox far too much for your liking

And you get inbox fatigue

I have that – we all have that..

Nope – after the first one – hopefully – you will be anticipating it like your favourite magazine

And maybe I should call it a magazine

Because it’s going to be big and juicy and colourful

It’s going to be full of exciting, motivational, inspirational news and information. It is going to be something you will want to curl up in bed with and dive in.

It’s going to have real people living real lives. Not just pimped out Instagram lives.

It is going to be about you and about me and about all the changes that you can make in your life in order to gain great information and a little pure entertainment and humor and a little

Excellent mental health


Why is that out there like that all on its own?

Excellent mental health

Because not enough people reach for excellence with their mental health

They knock themselves out at the gym going for buns of steel and bubble butts and washboard abs and fierce calf muscles

And I’m on board with all of that because I love exercise and I love my body to feel great and look awesome


Nobody pays any attention to their mind and this amazing thing that we call a brain

Which is like a thing that arrives in the mail but we aren’t sure how to use it because it doesn’t come with a manual. It speaks a lot of different languages but no bloody manual. Who built this thing? An idiot!

(Yes she answers dryly from above – obviously and idiot created the amazing diversity of nature and then this creative genius just gave you a grey oddly shaped stress ball for a mind)

Ya think?

It doesn’t help that it isn’t pretty and it’s kind of weird

And what’s more everyone has one so it must be boring and commonplace and not worth looking any deeper into

I think the real problem begins when people turn it on

It starts spurting thoughts and emotions and scares the hell out of you

So you turn it off by guzzling a heap of alcohol or internet shopping (which is basically sometimes just spending an hour loading a virtual cart and then leaving it there, not actually buying anything at all). Am I the only one with my hands up over this or are there are others? Or overeating or overgambling or over anything just to escape the damn thing.

Stupid brain – wish I never had one.

No way – the brain is awesome and brilliant and better than any invention that we humans have managed to come up with – better than even an iphone that is built two years from now or any sort of computer and

Yeesh – this is what I mean. I could go on and on

I am excited about many things people.

And I tend to excite those around me so I will be incorporating for the sake of brevity

Excellent Mental Health and ways to get it, in my magazine

Along with all the juicy stuff that makes the world go round

“Like what?”

Stuff okay and you’ll miss out on it if you don’t become an email subscriber


“Be specific”

Yeesh! Alright anything that excites me for the month

Yes a whole month worth of whatever I am thinking and learning and getting passionate about. People I’m talking to. People who inspire me. People who interest me.

“Sounds dumb”

Hmm – you may not be my kind of shopper darling, best to move yourself several shops over

And now that she is gone – to answer her rather valid comment.

You people, my folk who already follow me can help my newsletter by improving it with your comments and feedback. Tell me what you want more of and what you couldn’t care less about but don’t ask me about damn boring pencils

Told you it isn’t that sort of a thing

So why can’t I just package this thing up and put it in a blog post?

Well because it will be a very long blog post and I’m not sure everyone wants to read it besides which I like my simply formatted little blog with my simply formatted little poems that we all enjoy because my poetry comes directly out of my heart and because of that it touches yours and I don’t want to interfere with the good gold we have going on here

Aaaannd because I said way back when I reopened this blog and spoke about my shop (blog) and how it sold great things but someone might just want some pencils and I don’t sell pencils so …they go elsewhere for pencils

The new shop that I’m opening by way of newsletter, it’s also my shop so I choose what goes in there but still

No – still no bloody pencils and what’s more there will never be pencils

And if you don’t understand why I’m so harsh with pencils then you don’t understand metaphor and you may need to shop somewhere else too because me on an even larger scale is just going to confuse and frustrate you!

Sorry to be brisk but I’m doing an impossible thing that I’m not sure how to do but it’s going to take a lot of my time in the near future, as in – when I press “Post” ,as long as I don’t chicken out so…

Keep up

The newsletter won’t have poetry or it might have a bit – just like exclusive stuff that you don’t get on the blog like really, really good gold

Not that I’m trying to entice you or anything

Hang on – before you walk off because damn it you don’t need another damn newsletter

It’s free!!

And I’ll throw in a tshirt

No scratch that

I won’t

There is enough give away free tshirts and drink bottles and bloody landfills worth of plastic with peoples damn logos

No Tshirts


Off you go then – damn it!

But you’re going to miss the best magazine you’ve never read


It’s a magazine now – that’s a definite thing because you know I can’t do small things

It’s a magazine and I will get it done each month besides all my other creative and work mularky


I’m not sure but

I don’t drink and I don’t smoke and I don’t do drugs and I don’t over eat and I don’t even shop that much anymore. My social media is crap because I’m so intensely focused on what I love and so instead of asking myself silly questions like

Is this too much and a step too far?

I simply ask


I pour every spare moment into my passion and that gives me endless energy which I can the spread around into the things that don’t provide passion but do need to be done and I get them done fast

And I can teach you how to be a Jedhi too.

Who will like this magazine?

Ahh good question:









“Why, is this a fashion blog, is it make-up”

Um no not necessarily but I like fashion, good stuff – ethical stuff may show up from time to time.

Who else will like it?

People who have no idea what I’m talking about but sounds interesting so their all in – you are my favourite type of people by the way, those sort that just get all enthusiastic because I do. I love you.

People who are curious

People who like to be entertained

People who want to grow their brains and uncover their potential

People who are sick of reading about celebrities and gossip and light weight clap trap and want to read something with a little more depth and interest and insight (that’s the plan)

At the very least they are curious, asking themselves..

What would something written for free and with passion just for the love of humanity and the desire to give them sunshine

Look like


People who like sunshine

Go to the button, fill in your email and just see what happens in 30 days time

It will be a surprise to us both


People who like positivity delivered in a palatable way that isn’t sugar coated but does give them a good even energy and glow

“Are you saying your magazine will be like eating chocolate but healthy chocolate?”

I love that you believe there is such a thing – I believe in this too!

I will provide a recipe for it – in the first issue – go to the section that says follow this blog by email and you will be on my newsletter list. Go directly there or you will miss the chocolate recipe.


This is my impossible goal and I am going to achieve it.

For the next 12 months I am going to write a newsletter- sorry magazine, of epic proportions


Because I can and because I believe that if you add value to the world then it will be returned to you four fold

And if it crashes then it shall be an epic inferno of failure that I will toast my hands beside and smile

Because failure doesn’t trouble me at all

But attempting and challenging myself in life means everything

It’s how I grow

And I shall teach you how to not care either and how to do epic things with your God gifted life

Through my magazine

Which I don’t know how to write yet

But that is going to be out by the end of August 2020

Best be on that mailing list if you want in – sign up by entering your email – I think that’s how it works

I have no idea

But I am willing to learn

But perhaps you’re after pencils…

So don’t sign up – it’s that easy

And the blog continues the same as always

Also if you are a creative type or just someone who has done some epic stuff then I want to hear from you so email me direct at kateduff72@icloud.com to be featured in my magazine at some point

My magazine – that sounds super important doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, I will try and stay grounded.

Have you signed up yet?

I’m signing up myself because it sounds rather interesting and I want to see if this chick can back up this damn inferno of a post that looks like it was written drunk








What are you still doing reading – go get on the email list – follow the emails – keep a look out

for the new

Mad Woman Magazine


sounds a little crazy…will have to think of a better name – do you have a suggestion?

Drop it in the comments below, I’m going to need all the help I can get because I have bitten off more than I can chew and I am chewing furiously.

13 thoughts on “What if I could?

    • Haha haha oh I am in trouble now – I was still playing with this idea and it was in drafts – I did schedule it at one stage but thought I sent it back to drafts. Wow got to start writing! Nothing like a deadline 😁 obviously it is meant to be. Will work on the T-shirt idea in the background of my brain and see why it comes up with!

  1. That was quite the inspired, promotional stream of consciousness, Kate. You are a prolific, busy bee, buzzing with all these activities. Wish you the best of luck with your newsletter/magazine. Looking forward to reading it.

    • The first issue is already on fire Len I am so excited about the people coming on board – it will be such an interesting heart full read. Trust me, come the end of the month this will arrive on schedule – I may have to take a little nap afterwards 😊

  2. All the best with your newsletter, Kate. I already do so much reading–posts by bloggers I follow, magazines I subscribe to, and my writer’s research materials–that I don’t sign up for newsletters. But, happily, not every reader is as info-saturated like I am 🙂

    • Thanks Rosaliene I know what you mean, I’m the same but I think this one will be special as I’m bringing people together from all over the world as well as a few people local who inspire me. There will be a few other ways to get an issue for free and I’m factoring that in as frankly email is out dated and over saturated it’s just still one handy avenue for those that check it.

  3. Wow! I was with you all the way whilst reading this. Getting tied up in your excitement. Loving your language. Just loving it. I have the ECACT same feeling. Go gal go. And I will join you. A very exciting post to read. Oh and don’t worry about the T shirt lol. We’ll none of us need a T shirt by the time you’ve finished. No, make it the biggest megaphone ever! Good luck Kate, in your new venture.

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