Magic mornings

Morning holds the promise of everything Unlimited potential Stardust remembering stacked to the ceiling By evening all the magic has leaked from my pockets I sit and watch the moon rise The warmth of the stone stairs all that is left Of daytime sun dwindled and gone Grateful. For while more mornings are to come […]

The hardest bit

I hear you ask But how? The trepidation Fear Hesitant pause I see it all Why wouldn’t I? I’ve been there before Listen Let my warm hand cover yours Listen My doubt once matched yours But it doesn’t Anymore Because nothing Not locked doors Nor lack Not hard places Difficult roads And certainly not people […]

Why write?

Why are you writing this Or that Or anything? I write what I need to hear I ask questions And then wait for the reply to appear That’s how it began and that’s how it continues I guess. It’s a system, a process that works. Header photo – old falling down pub Wyandra Qld. More […]