Unconditional love vs people pleasing

I love unconditionally

But it is a fierce thing

Paint stripper

Melt down


It radiates like the sun

And will burn

When required


Just as readily as it soothes

If that is what is required at the time

It is not always nice

Though it certainly can be

It doesn’t come wrapped in excuses

Like some sort of sandwich with a condiment

But rather as I deliver it

Straight up served


But not always gently

It doesn’t matter what you do

If I love you deeply

I always will

But it’s not a tame thing

A pet to pat

It is deep, thick, tall and high




A fortress you can lean upon at any time

And especially in times of need

It will hold you

The guard at the gate will always let you through

Just phone ahead

Give me your news

Because the truth

Is also always home too

And I may just be at breakfast, reading the paper

Unconditional love – you have mine without measure

But time is rather precious

And I use mine wisely

I don’t live to please anymore

Unless it also pleases me

You see my unconditional love is not conditional on you

And never will be

It radiates directly from me

But pleasing

Is an entirely different thing

To loving unconditionally

*header photo – old prison walls on Norfolk Island. Such a beautiful place, steeped in history and full of quirky island behaviour.

12 thoughts on “Unconditional love vs people pleasing

  1. So very well expressed, Kate. Unconditional love is the only love otherwise is it really love. Kierkegaard, expressed it well ” love has a retroactive quality if you cease to love then you have never loved at all”.

    • That’s a great comment Len and I think it’s very true. It is also very healing. If we go back and paint those things that weren’t love with this greater quality called unconditional love then life resonates differently and actually throws that new vibration forward into the current life experience in a very valuable way. Not sure I have explained my thinking properly there but I know what I mean 😊

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