The connecting

High above

Or perhaps below
She is threading us into a necklace
The interweaving connections
As delicate as the plumage in a beautiful birds wing
We can’t see it
Of course 
never could 
This little phone
That one there
Garbage man
School children
The great World Wide Web
It’s not going smoothly of course
People are shorting out
Not behaving
The odd war is getting in the way
But it’s all proceeding
The turmoil is misleading 
It is happening
The world reconnecting
One day 
One connection
At a time
Cells returning to the host
The very thing that costs us the most
Our individual egos
Being destroyed
So we can recall
Who we really are 
And we are 
All just ghosts
Dragging around baggage
Too much baggage
That is not required
For the ride home

*Is there a plan? We are more connected then any time in history and yet many personally suffer from disconnect. I don’t know, I never do until it becomes obvious with good old 2020 hindsight.

8 thoughts on “The connecting

    • It seems that people are more interested in dividing them uniting and whilst we look at all the differences they will always be there but if we begin to look at commonalities there are many

  1. That’s what happens when the voices of billions are straining to be heard. Two people can have a decent enough conversation, increase that to ten and the tension increases to have your viewpoint heard, increase that to billions and………………….

  2. I like to think we are all realising we have much more in common than not, plus our diversity really does make us stronger 👌

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