Life’s changing shoes

I travelled with a man
Didn’t catch his name
We got talking
As I sat in his cab
I’d been to a conference
On tech usurping lives 
Here was walking proof 
On my taxi drive
The cabbie
With Uber
“They pick up customers in front of me – I want to kill them”
He said
Shook his head
So how do we up skill
This man?
With his ten grey hairs
Which cling 
As precariously to his head
As he does
To his way of making a living
Being relevant. 
Or just okay
In this changing world
Where you can lose your footing
Wake up tomorrow
Replaced with an app
And a dude with a backward facing cap
Who grins and shrugs
“Go with the flow bro
Anyway we changed the topic
The airport strike. 
My bugbear for the morning
Turns out my cab driving new friend
Had a daughter 
Who works at the airport of course
So I listened
To her story 
And nodded along in agreement
Because the strike made more sense
With her in it
“You just gotta walk a bit in their shoes”
He said  
And I guess 
He is correct 
Life’s just a series of changing shoes

*header photo mine. I snapped it (how could you not?) just loved it.

This poem is obviously not recent either, with all the travel restrictions going on so another one from 2016 found in my phone notes, maybe I posted it back then, I did have the blog. I’m not sure.

I do remember the airport strike and how annoyed I was about it until the cab driver told me his daughters story and then my mind space shifted.

Changing shoes will do that.

7 thoughts on “Life’s changing shoes

  1. Love the photo and poem Kate. 💚 oh the shoes we wear. And wouldn’t it be nice if empathy was common and we could all learn to walk in each others’ shoes? I will wear a pair out dye to comfort. But it’s always good to switch it up~yet, my most valued ones are still the old ones that have kept me trodding. 🤗💕

    • I couldn’t wear a heel if Gucci paid me to model it (I feel I am safe in saying this as chances are next to nicks😂) I’m always in flats or sneakers – I have lately taken a definite shine to my mustard high tops very comfortable 😊

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