Striving for balance

The body is wild

Ask any woman who has been consumed by childbirth

In love

In grief

We will all say

The body is wild

Directed by the pull of the moon

And the gravity of earths magnetic core

Constantly stretched between

And reeling from feeling

All of these raw emotions and healing

Always healing

Striving for balance

Tip toes teeter


Sleep now

And try again tomorrow

11 thoughts on “Striving for balance

    • I don’t think so either and don’t mean that in a “less than” way either, women are driven by a different energy then men. I loved the book “women who run with wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estez when I read it many years ago. Depth is something women can dive into in a different way.

      • I totally agree. I also believe we go through so many biological changes, which are so different. I think males have a difficult time understanding.

  1. I so agree that men cannot understand the way we do. I think that some try, and can a little bit, but none are as earthy wild as we are. I love this poem

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