Wishful thinking

I thought I heard the patter

Of rain on the roof

Consciousness leaned forward towards it

Eagerly waiting

But it was just wishful thinking

Fooling me again

*dry beginning to spring. The smell of the earth, grass, as I run past it, you can feel the anticipation in the air.

Warming, waking, yet still the land is thirsty, dusty. Soon, the wind has shifted to the north. The weather lady is hopeful in her bright jackets and big smile, she had been in my living room for so long – years – every night I listen to Jenny (unless she is on holidays) Weather ladies, we grow old with them still telling us the auguries of the weather Gods

In the old days they would be witches. Jenny has led me astray with her reports from the bureau – sometimes I think nobody knows more than any other human about what the weather is going to do

We just think wishfully

But the ants know

The Willy Wag tail awake at 3am, shifting himself to the shed

That bird never sleeps

Permanently excited and curious

Like me



Spring rain

13 thoughts on “Wishful thinking

  1. That’s a great line … ‘just wishful thinking Fooling me again’!! And yup, billions of dollars spent on weather forecasting each year and its the birds and bees that know!
    Maybe we should put them in charge but then sometimes I think we’ve enough bird headed nuts with bees in their bonnet already!

  2. I totally know that feeling of “Ahh! It looks like it’s going to rain! It’s……not raining. How is it not raining?” I had that feeling several times this summer. 😅

  3. I keep forgetting that your seasons are in the reverse in the southern hemisphere. I awakened to a smoke-filled sky from wildfires in northern Los Angeles County. No “patter / of rain on the roof.” Another day of scorching heat.

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