You give me your words

And I weave them in

Stitching deep

Beneath my skin

On the outside I look like me

But within

I’m becoming

A little bit of everyone

*such a special month of stories – only a few left to go. Every time I write up an interview, add photos and create, a shift occurs as I delve deep into someone else’s life.

I used to love fiction, I read so many books of fictional stories and enjoyed them. In the last decade I have begun reading biographies. I am inspired so much by the life of others and by their humanity.

We have the potential to be extraordinary – why do we choose to live so small?

Self doubt – it’s a killer but I’ve burnt mine now and the magazine is full steam ahead

Each week, I am handed excerpts of other lives and I have been blessed; many of the people share their heart unreservedly. Those are the best stories and there are so many this month.

If you asked me to choose a favourite I can’t – there is something in every single story I love and that shifts me and they are all completely different.

Can’t wait to share it at the end of the month – it’s like I’m choosing and buying presents for people I love and then get the anticipation of the giving

And that’s the best bit

The giving

15 thoughts on “Woven

  1. Kate, I love “Woven”. About a year ago I had thought of blogging. “Weaver of Words” is what I wanted to be named. As a history buff I’ve been enthralled by biographies my entire life. From simple stories of simple lives, to stories of over-comers, and to the rich and complex stories of humanity. It’s in the stories of others I find the thread that weaves us all together. We bleed the same. I never thought MY story had merit. It bruises my soul when others are judged due to how their story is told by someone else. We’re on this journey together~I’ve learned from every human I’ve known. I’m a story of the places I’ve been, the people I have met, the kids that I taught~we’re ALL woven in that way. It just makes my heart smile. 💚

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