Thoughts and Bones

The thought

Weakens the


And how you felt

Barely 10 minutes ago

Simply doesn’t apply now

*It amazes me the range of emotions I can experience in one day but always by evening I’m doubtful and walking backwards and wanting to hide again.

But I can’t

Not anymore

Because hiding doesn’t make me feel any better and eventually I will just end up feeling the toxic taste of failure

So I have to change the thoughts that cause the feelings

I sit with a piece of paper and write






And I keep answering those lines again and again until I get the right thought, the helpful thought

And then everything below it changes

Not the circumstance – they are always neutral

But anything else can be changed

Thank God for tools – they make the path to mental good health so much more doable

But you first have to be willing to do

the work

Choose better thoughts

It’s tough being human sometimes

But it’s also extraordinarily beautiful

And gratitude is the best state to live in

Night loved ones X

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