Asking questions

Swarm like bees


Graceful as birds

Moving in formation



Forming clusters

That attract more and more

Like to like

Firing a question

The thoughts descend

Careful of the answers

Ask accordingly

Guidelines are important

Never ask a question of the mind

That can lead to a worrying thought

Because on its heels

Another is brought forward

Knees knocking

Voice quavering

What if?

Should only ever delight, tantalise and lead to more sweetly spoken replies

Not becoming a harbinger

For fright



How quickly these things escalate.

What began as one

Quickly becomes one hundred

And a person is struck down

Thrust into an ubiquity of crisis

Or uplifted

Gifted with fresh surges of inspiration and hope


Watch the first carefully

And only allow it to surface

If it is kind

To the mind

*Because the unguarded mind in the moment is a child. Easy to sway, persuade of almost anything.

So be careful of questions, be careful where you lead it and what you give it to ponder or “it” will drive you nuts

This has helped me enormously – it works. Habits of a lifetime can be shifted, with persistence. Awareness is everything – after that it is just practicing more helpful behaviour.

4 thoughts on “Asking questions

  1. Great post Kate, such good advice about the unguarded mind, sometimes when I wander down those rabbit warrens in my mind I don’t realise I’m there for a while. It definitely takes time and practice but we can learn ❤️

  2. Yes my dear Kate, becoming an observer of the mind is important for positive movement forward. We both are living proof of this. Practice makes for progress. I really enjoyed this one. Here’s to a mindfulness practice that yields much abundance 🙏❤😊

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