We are all capable of self destructing

Allowing the dark

To usurp the light that burns within

A single thought leading to another

And another

The perpetual dripping tap

Releases from above

Gravity grasping as it falls toward the ground

Absorbing sound

But there is a moment before the splash is heard

In that moment

Everything can change

With just one word

The mantra cuts through

Slicing the chord

That holds us to conditioned response


We can turn the barb

Collapse the sharpened point


Honing the mind

And changing everything for a short time

Habitual response

Is gradually moulded

Into something chosen

Rather than just responded

The tap continues to drip

But the mind slides a bucket beneath

And the surface that thoughts hit

Becomes malleable

4 thoughts on “Malleable

  1. Hmm, always thought provoking. I am not sure if we here in the US are responding with “conditioned” responses or not. This climate is all completely new. THe US is unrecognizable. I would say in my case that I am responding in surprising ways I never expected. Certainly, they are much different than they ever have been before because things are completely different. I am not claiming my responses are perfect or the only responses, but they are so new and different that I cannot right now say they are wrong–maybe they are not wrong–maybe they are visceral warning responses to some real evil, like people must have felt in Nazi Germany, or Russia under Stalin, even if those right now are extreme examples, there are a lot of ways to lose freedom. But people here now are responding in ways, I think everyone, that are quite new. Change is not always good, no matter the platitudes people try to attach to it. Not ALL change is good and historically has not been, though people who resist the tide seem to get a bad rap.

    Of course, if you are talking about this concept in a more personal way, it’s always a valid question. And either way, always worth at least pondering…at least considering.

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