Raw Edges

She isn’t finished to the edges like most artworks are

Wrapped around the canvas, polished and clean

Not this painting, her artist was mean, and only applied just enough paint to keep the subject alternate

Constantly rushing towards the sides filling in empty places as if to hide her unfinished edgeless sides from all those upturned curious faces.

He comes to stand beneath, enraptured by the sight, such wild ambiguity his eyes will surely never tire, and when his mind needs a rest, it dwells within her white spaces

He returns to the gallery time and again

Sometimes he sits, sometimes he stands, but for ages he rests his gaze within her frame and lets her hold him there

The crowd in front is always sparse, not everyone sees what he does in her art, but he loves those unfilled spaces

And where all the other pieces are final and neat, he likes to imagine instead, how she will look complete.

*One day at a time. If you don’t have someone who believes in you, believe in yourself. Humans are full of potential, like nuts (some of us more than others 😁) waiting to be cracked open to reveal what is inside.

Change your perspective, watch the paint flow towards a side that perhaps you hadn’t thought of. Nothing needs to be completed right this minute – we are all unfinished projects down here. They say life is short but I don’t believe that. I believe life is long (if uninterrupted by accident or illness) so long in fact, we take it for granted. Keep adding to the work of art that your own unique life is becoming. Layer by layer, we grow a little more stunning every year.

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