Where do we go?

I walk out of the town pool into a grey dripping sky

Rain on my shoulders doesn’t bother me – why would it?

I’m wet

I drive my car down a grey street, above which, the lights are still on, perhaps they are yet to acknowledge the sun is awake, lying behind its thick blanket of clouds

Windscreen wipers beating in time

I pass a man

We meet at the eyes

He looks at me

I look at him

Our faces blank

Divided by a screen

I don’t know why I don’t smile

Perhaps I was there

Perhaps I was gone

Trying to get ahead of the chores for the day

But it bothered me all the way home

I usually smile

Where had I gone?

9 thoughts on “Where do we go?

    • Perhaps smile is t the right word – I just recall feeling so utterly blank and I did it with a person I actually know in a restaurant the other day too – I looked, I saw her and her husband, she looked at me and although I didn’t think at the time (or obviously I would have waved or acknowledged her in the moment) the incident replayed in my head afterward with me thinking “what the hell is wrong with me that I didn’t just smile?” There are these periods of blankness – that’s why I’m wondering where do we go? Because she went there too.

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