Swapping hats with strangers

“Is it cold?”

I look up into the smiling face of a woman wearing a beige coloured swimming cap

I lift my foggy goggles and realise that no, in fact, she wears no cap

She is bald




The words pop into my head and

Suddenly my own rubber cap

Bright purple and wet

Seems like a blessing

I remember the question and reply

Face now wreathed in smiles

“Yes! It is but it’s bracing”

She enters the water on a sucked in breath

I kick off to swim

Thinking “I am so lucky to do this”

In the next lane the woman also churns water

Perhaps thinking

“I am so lucky to do this”

And the lane ropes divide us, fate as well

A million things to die from

And for this reminder

And this God given moment

I am truly grateful

13 thoughts on “Swapping hats with strangers

      • Perspective is everything. I constantly have to challenge and change mine.

      • I love a good shift in perspective, it really moves me into a new space in my mind. It can be quite startling, perhaps it’s a little masochistic but I do like to be found utterly wrong on a subject – it’s like a door to a new world opens.

  1. Kate, this is beautiful. It brought a tear to my eye. 💕 I had a similar experience that jolted my soul. You have such a wonderful way with words. 💚

    • Thanks Karla, life is poetry, just as it is sometimes. A recount in those circumstances is easy. There may not be rhyme all the time but the reason soon becomes apparent. You have a lovely way with words as well, I love your posts 💕

      • You’re welcome my friend. And thank you, too. I’m so glad to have found you in this space. You’ve been an inspiration from the start. 💕

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