When going through hell keep walking

I cannot stop the sky from raining on you

I cannot prevent the sharp edges that close in either

I cannot stop the pain of growth, I just have to move back and let it come

I cannot prevent the rough patches that scrape the dimples from your cheek

Wipe the smile from your eyes

And stove your shoulders inward

Know that the pressure is creating a diamond coating around that big soft heart of yours

Know that with every pitfall you grow stronger, more defiant

There is a light inside of you, that will warm your weary hands

And a glow behind you that even in your most downcast state, I’ve seen

These things

These things will set your chin

And aim your eyes for the stars

They’ll keep you walking forward

On this most difficult of paths

*This was written with a particular loved one in mind, but it is for anyone going through a hellish time. We are given these difficult things and they make us stronger. But sometimes they nearly break us in the making. I think it’s tougher to watch someone you love go through something hard, than it is to do so yourself.

I’m not going to spout a positive spiel of words, they don’t help. Know only this, if you’re going through hell keep walking, eventually you will reach the other side and come out into the light.

27 thoughts on “When going through hell keep walking

  1. Highly motivational is your post 😊
    Through these lines one can get enough strength.
    Most of the time we pass through difficult time and for a long time we suffer.
    This post says how to cross that.
    Great 👍😊
    Regards 🙏

  2. What a positive post, and it reminds me of the saying ‘this too shall pass’. It’s a great reminder that no matter what we’re going through in life, we can know for sure that nothing ever lasts, and nothing is ever assured except the proverbial death and taxes. Thanks for this!

  3. Oh, Kate. This is just so beautiful. It could have almost been penned for me in my current situation, which I know you understand. I feel it offers warmth and love for anyone going through a tough time, as you said. It’s just wonderful, very reassuring indeed, and so tender – you have a very big and caring heart, my friend. I, too, love the phrase, “This too shall pass” – it means a lot to me, and I have it as a tattoo on my inner, lower arm. It surrounds a tattooed kingfisher. It really cheers me when I look at it. Have a great day, Kate Xx 🦢🌹😘

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