Moving higher

Changes perspective

Problems dissolve

Evolving into sweat beads that run down my back

The conversation of those below falls away as I climb faster, higher

Arriving sooner, a brief moment of peace and tranquility

Alas, the beauty of this place draws others, even this early in the day

A noisy group chatters over the rocks and scree to my left

Time to leave

Quietly I bless my body for bringing me here

Creating the easy energy that moves me whenever and wherever I need it to

I never take these things for granted

Especially at moments like these when I am high

Metaphorically and physically, spiritually

The world spread out below

I climb while I can

Because one day perhaps I won’t be able to go

I climb because one day

I’ll be stuck below

*God hep me when that day comes though because I’ll be a frustrated human indeed.

I’m over at the coast for a few days of hiking up mountains and swimming in the still chilly surf (invigorating!)and walking along the cliffs to Yaroomba each day

Such a beautiful area, but after four days of wall to wall humans (school holidays here) I’m more than ready to go home to my dogs and long peaceful walks where I don’t run into anything louder than a roo as it races down a fence line.

I’ve been pretty slack with my blogging of late. My routine has been thrown out with travels and adventures and then catch ups on work when I get home. Quieter days are coming though

As is Spring


A couple of photos in this post from the last few days, hopefully it will carry a few of you with me higher, if you are one of those who is stuck below

Mt Nindery this mornings hike – Mt Coolum in the distance – also a lovely climb. Coolum is very exposed (Yang energy) Ninderry is all trees and birdsong (Yin energy) but both are beautiful.
My Nindery looking towards a different direction – don’t ask me which as I’m hopeless with directions 😂 sort of north westerly I guess
Wappa Falls Yandina – other little jaunt, also this morning. I turned around from this pretty view and there was a memorial to a young boy who died “having the time of his life, jumping off the wet rocks in the rain” as the plaque read – it was a bittersweet moment.

24 thoughts on “Climb

  1. When you can’t climb anymore, those opening sentiments are kind of similar to flying in a plane – just after take off, when the world below gets smaller and smaller, and we rise above the cauldron that is everyday life…

    • Perspective is everything – sometimes, when feeling a bit overwhelmed in the moment, I send my mind upwards, like a bird – 🦅 – the higher and further I send it, the less I matter, which of course is the case.

  2. Beautiful views from Mt Nindery. Enjoy the climb while you can 🙂 My worn-out knees struggle to make it up a 25-degree incline. But it’s okay. Each season of life comes with its own joys and challenges.

    • It’s funny isn’t it Jeff – we think Australia should look very different from France or Britain or America but the thing is there are plenty of overlaps in scenery depending on where you are in the country. The wildlife is certainly different though.

  3. Stunning photos, Kate, and what a wonderful place to live near. I love the one by the waterfalls and rocks, but of course, sad for the young boy who lost his life there. Your poem is perfect for these surroundings. How fantastic to be able to climb as you do. Naturally, being a wheelchair user, it’s out of the question for me, but I felt almost as though I was on that mountain with you from the images and your descriptions. Thanks for taking me along with you. Xx 😊💕

    • Perfect Ellie, and that’s exactly why I wrote the poem. Because we can melancholy for lives lost and the passage of time, or we can climb whilst we can and send a blessing to those who either Ho longer can through age or infirmity or like yourself, because they are ground bound. I’m glad you enjoyed the trip Xxox

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