Love the moment you’re in

Some days begin and end so far apart

The sun rises over the ocean

I sip coffee, saying goodbye in my heart to my beloved seaside house

Hours later, an entire day has past

And I watch the same sunset amidst a dusty haze of green and gold paddocks

Happy dog, happy I am home, he is jaunty tail wagging, pulling me along

Clean finished concrete of the morning is swapped for rough gravel and clay rolling beneath my feet

I still feel a little discombobulated

Like I am in two parts

Two hearts

Two houses

Hours apart

Pulling me in opposite directions

*It comforts me that we have an endless capacity for love as humans. We can profoundly and simultaneously love many people, places, animals, and things.

Everything living, dead and in between has its moment, place, and time. The peaceful thing is to enjoy the moment we are currently in – wherever that is. The same sun shines regardless of where we view it from, and so does love because we carry it within.

Have a great day wherever you are X

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