Sacred words to live by

I will create as I speak

This is the original meaning of the word abracadabra.

Real isn’t the opposite of positive.

Real can be both positive and negative, with some of superlatives and hype toned down.

Positivity gets a bad wrap these days, as all things that have reached their zenith in peoples consciousness do, it’s popularity is waning, people are tired of pep and baloney.

Real isn’t baloney.

Everyone knows, or should, that negativity won’t get you very far, it isn’t an enjoyable way to live and other people avoid it (and therefore you if you practice it) like the plague.

Positivity and negativity may be polar opposites but I believe we need a little of both to fuel us along the way. The most helpful place I’ve found to place my energy is in reality.

Even if that reality is of my own making. But isn’t any persons reality their own making?

We may not be able to control the external reality, but we can and should control the internal reality, and make that reality conducive to creating our life in the best possible way.

Isn’t that just a sensible way to live?

Real is kind. Real is reassuring. Real is supportive. Real is doing what you said you would do. Real is keeping promises to yourself first, and other people as well.

Real is abracadabra- I create as I speak.

Real doesn’t use hyperbole, it’s the sort of encouragement you would give another person, turning that inwards and assisting yourself forward.

Real is what writers need to keep uppermost in their mind, to balance out what is a very ephemeral way of crafting in this world.

We spend so much time dealing with fantasy, and then breathing life into that dream, making it a reality on the page. It is easy to get stuck in the in-between world that exists between our head and our hands. To become paralysed by self doubt and feelings of fraud. To grind to a halt at the resistance we create in our own minds

This is why integrity and our promises to self are crucial.

When what we say, matches what we do, it creates momentum. We are in the zone, flow is effortless. Our channel between the two worlds of creation are open and ideas come to light on the page effortlessly.

When what we say and what we do are not aligned however all sorts of bumps appear in the road.

Writing is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I am sitting down daily to do something that no one cares about the outcome of except me.

This is as true of blogging, as it is of my work on my novels. In the end, if I do not write, who cares? And I don’t mean this question in a self pitying way. I mean it in a “let’s just keep it real way”

Because it’s true. And telling the truth to yourself is the most important part of having a healthy internal reality.

Why write?

I had to confront this particular thought because it kept coming up. I think everyone doing creative work has to confront this issue and answer it for themselves truthfully. Or it will form a wall of resistance that you constantly get stuck behind.

I can do it, or not, and it doesn’t matter to anyone else on this planet. So why do it? Why do any of this? That is the greater question.

I do this, writing, because I cannot not do it and be peaceful. It is my greatest pleasure and it scratches an itch that cannot be satisfied in any other way. It may have begun with grander ideas, but these days I sit and write to open a connection with my source energy, to ask questions of myself and to have those questions answered.

Where it pertains to novel writing – to write a story is to read a story and have the added bonus of being somewhat in control of the outcome – it’s fun. I write for fun, out of curiosity and because creativity feeds my yearning soul.

I had an email from my publishing support member Sarah, earlier in the week. It was about the cover design for my book (I have overthought paralysis on this issue) along with a gentle question as to when I might be finished with my copy edits which had been on my desk since early December.

I have been working diligently on my edits lately, so I was feeling quite optimistic when I replied that I would have the manuscript back to her by Friday.

However life got very busy, elsewhere in our business, we had tenders to submit and a lot of very urgent jobs to do and, and, and I was nearly there with my edits, but even though I did eventually find the time, I kept sauntering past my desk and not actually sitting down to complete the edits as promised.

Which is when I got tired of this prevarication and lying within myself. I sat down and began.

Two hours later I was done. Promise kept. Abracadabra. I create as I speak. I felt the power of that moment. The power in the doing. The power in the integrity. The power in writing. The power in the chemicals that the body produces in response to producing outcomes, kicking goals.

No wonder abracadabra is the core of magic, the word for incantation. I create as I speak. When we actually do this, magic actually happens.

Why write?

Why? That – all of that, which is what purpose and intent looks like when it is fulfilled.

I answered that internal infernal question –

Why? Why write?

Because writing is magical, it is sacred, and I get to do it every day. Because that is my dream. Whatever yours is – I hope you practice it into being.

Have a great day X

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17 thoughts on “Sacred words to live by

  1. Yep, why write. It all seems ludicrous these days. Colossal waste of time. Not sure even your inspirational words will help. Though I saved them. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Kate. So relatable. So glad that you were able to complete your final edit. Procrastination can be a killer for us as writers. When it comes to my personal outlook on life, I consider ‘reality’ as the opposite to ‘positivity.’ As you express it so well, “telling the truth to [ourself] is the most important part of having a healthy internal reality.” Negativity is the enemy that prevents us from moving forward when the challenges we face appear insurmountable.

    • Truth telling is my way of staying on track but all too often negativity chimes in and calls itself truth. I am rarely charmed by positivity but negativity can look true – and it is not either. This post helped me sort out a lot of my common blockages, and I don’t think they are just common to me.

  3. Kate, your words always resonate deep in my soul. This is REAL. It’s true our reality is what we make it. Both negative and positive have created my abracadabra moments. I often think of you. I sold my home (bittersweet) and have moved to the “city”. I’m closer to hospitals, drs,…most importantly, family. Writing is healing. Writing fuels me. Writing gives my soul a chance to breathe~it’s depth without drowning. I feel like I’m drowning WITHOUT words. I have appts and treatments (large tumors are shrinking, bone and lymph nodes are peskier)…they make me sick. I hope to have a new desk, new words, and hit “publish” soon. I’m cheering you on across the pond. I’m sending love and light always my friend! Xo 💕🙏🏻🥰

    • So great to hear from you Karla! It would have been a difficult decision to make to move into the city and sell your home, but nothing is fixed in concrete, you can always move back to the country (or a different country!) once your treatments are in the past. I can’t wait for that day. Brilliant to hear the tumours are shrinking, just keep writing and taking the awful medicine and eventually this period of your life will teach you what it has come here to do, and you can move on to the next stage – more and more writing hopefully, I have missed you my friend. Stay well, or as well as can be and keep writing.
      Xxox on computer so imagine lots of lovely emojis 🙂

      • Thank you my dear friend. I appreciate you so much! I’m sending tons of emojis of love, strength, and hope back! I’ll keep hanging in and fighting! 💕

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