In there out here

We blow so much energy into something that doesn’t even exist

A shadow balloon that extends to every corner of the earth

Breathe breathe breathe oooooouuuuuttttt

And when do we breathe in?

The morning light

The sound of wind blown leaves

Why would anyone fight to preserve out here

When they’ve all gone down the drain plug

Down down down

In there

So I fear for out here

While everyone is busy looking

In there

*on a whim, following a very chill lady that I wanted to know more about, I made my way to Instagram yesterday

And got stuck for about ten minutes flicking through reels – one after the other after the other video, I hardly waited for them to end, just flicking and watching as hundreds of strangers entered my world doing and saying different things

It really struck me – all these humans, all this energy, poured into their devices to spring out on mine. It is quite mind boggling what we do as a species these days on the internet. And that was just instagram. There is also tik tok and a plethora of other social media.

Millions of people dancing, selling, talking, running, cooking and anything else you can imagine – busy as hell in some alternative world that we can’t even see and doesn’t actually exist – except via the screens of our devices

It was something I hadn’t considered in depth before , or from this perspective

And now I’m really uncomfortable about it – because while everyone is busy, important things are happening, and I don’t see how these people have the time to think about any of it, let alone muster the energy to take action.

Will the natural world out here cease to be important, or relevant at all?

Well it is to me, and I think that’s why this morning I found the pandoras box of instagram so disturbing.

According to legend Pandora opened the box and then wished she hadn’t as all the awful things flew out – I’m a little bit the same now. Should have left it alone I think.

Anyway, had the thought so here it is, my own version of whispering into the ether.

Header photo of a big dam near a camping spot I went to with my youngest son a few years ago. We had the best week-end chilling out and pottering around in the kayak.

15 thoughts on “In there out here

  1. I refuse to get caught up in the millions (trillions?) of personal videos online. I find it very disturbing that our younger generations are trapped in this “alternative world.” You raise a critical question: “Will the natural world out here cease to be important, or relevant at all?” I would venture to respond that may already be the case…until the real world collapses around them.

    • The natural world soothes, heals and inspires, I have no desire to have my consciousness in one world and my body in another. I think it would be a good thing if the internet disappeared for a week, just to give people some space to breathe and regather themselves, but the world is so tied to it through systems and power that I think we would implode.

  2. The ability to see and hear everyone with a phone and willingness to post… a blessing and a curse. We used to be filtered by time and space. Now are all together in one virtual “room.” But each virtual voice is a person out there. My take: I evolve with my time, find new and improved ways to filter out the noise, so I can hear and see better. (Hard to call other people’s voices noise, but what else can I call it?)

    I hear the stress of it all, though. I get sucked in as well, in much the same way I get sucked into a great book, a beautiful trail, or an exciting travel adventure. There’s more! There’s more to see! One more minute, bend, mile, or page. And all just a click away instead of a footstep, dollar, or mile. Hard to put down and go back to what’s right in front of me sometimes.

    Social Media in general reminds me of Star Wars when Alderan was destroyed. “Like millions of voices crying out at once, and then suddenly, silence.”

    • Millions of voices crying out at once indeed. We are away, in the city today, with thousands of real humans streaming past. I said to my husband over lunch as all these people walked to and fro (we are from a rural area and forget just how many people there are sometimes) anyway I said “there is no other species as diverse in looks, temperament and all the things, as we humans and there are millions of us” I think that sheer diversity out here leads to the mind-boggling diversity “in there” of course but I’m the same as you – super absorbent to the moods and whims of people. The thing is, out here, there isn’t nearly the drama because people have to have a modicum of self-control, manners. We are largely self-contained in the real world but in the virtual one, all the boundaries seem blurred.

      • Very true. And we all think we’re speaking the same language online. It’s the “wild west” for sure. I have a strong feeling we’ll find our way eventually, as a species. Mostly because I read people like you and others. 🙂

  3. I always feel worse after I’ve seen Instagram and I positively REFUSE to download tictok because I’m trying to protect my heart and mind from any more competitiveness and comparison – both make me absolutely miserable. As you’ve said, there are people “Doing” things all over the world and sharing their highlights with us all. People are on holidays, losing weight, applying the best makeup in the best ways on their perfect faces…I wonder where the ‘normal’ humans exist in such a place of filters, sunshine and perfection. I think it makes me more grateful for sunsets – something the “natural world” you spoke so lovingly of gives to us like a gift each evening. Because sunsets are AFTER work, I get time to sit and really enjoy them. I hope more of us spend time in the actual world rather than the fake-shiny online version. It’s the pits.

  4. love the pungent metaphor of Pandora’s Box; perhaps we have gone too far, busying ourselves with trifles rather than attending to the more durable,but endangered things, like animal habitats, peace, conservation of languages —etc

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