Being present is more delightful then being away

We can go away

Run away

Walk away

Drive away

Away away away

And yet, everything follows as if packed in a bag on purpose

It springs out as soon as we answer the phone

The biggest mistake then

Was to think it could ever be different

And as I watched his happy expression drain I knew what was coming next. Lunch had come to an end. We parted ways. He back to the hotel room to sort out the damn stinging bee swarms of drama that always seem to follow him, me to the mall to find good gelato, and take a moment to rejig my expectations for our week-end away.

The business

Of our business

Is never set aside

But with age I have come to know, expecting it to be any different is the problem. Find delight in small things, moments of peace. Good gelato is hard to beat. It was caramel macadamia, a waffle cone. As my tastebuds exploded, I explored a towering mural, beautifully wrought with my eyes, and felt peace settle gently into my insides.

The last of my sighs I crumpled into a paper napkin and discarded in the bin. Whatever it is, whatever it becomes, I welcome the week-end in. And look forward to it.

Happy Friday everyone (this will post Saturday morning). May your week-end be blessed with a lack of expectation and an open heart through which life can blow anything it wishes, and yet it cannot cause your smile to falter.

If hell is other people (nod to Oscar Wilde) then make a place of heaven in yourself, and retreat there whenever you need to find some equilibrium. ❤️✌️😘

14 thoughts on “Being present is more delightful then being away

  1. ‘good gelato is hard to beat’ says it all ; be in the moment , as Buddha would say, or you will miss your life 🙂 like also ‘the last of my sighs I crumpled into a paper napkin and discarded in a bin’ —

  2. Wherever I go I seem to follow. A frustrating reality but accepting it helps me stop trying to run away all the time. Although I sometimes still choose to try.

  3. Beautifully expressed, Kate. That gelato sounds amazing (I’m guessing that’s ice cream here in the UK, going by the flavours you described and the cone, too). They are my favourite flavours of ice cream, too. Hope your weekend is a wonderful one. Xx 💕

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