When that song comes on

and you know it’s your tune

like “somebody” intended

it to hit you Boom

and the words seem to

tell you what you needed to hear

like the Universe is whispering

silky secrets in your ear

and the person that you bump into

while you’re walking down the street

is just the very one

that you needed to meet

and the info you’ve been searching for

turns up in the mail

and the guy that sent it


related to her



but you only meet



and you both wonder

how that happened

because it happens

Yes it happens

every day

when your life is on shuffle

and you’re out of your own way

It’s so hard to relinquish

control to higher up

but come the end of the day

that dude knows his stuff

he’s been making these connections

and stringin’ us along

since the beginning of time

so he knows this song

he even wrote it

though you think you did

on the back of a packet

as you doodle and dig

in your brain

waiting for a phone call

that turns up when you need it

and not before

and you smile

because now your know it

and you heed it

 it isn’t you anymore

and you don’t have to worry

because your life’s on shuffle

so you can chill for awhile

knowing that its all taken care of

and you’re Gods own child

because it is

and you are

when your life’s on shuffle

You can take off the bars

that enclose your heart

in the cage of your ribs

that keep you apart

from other people

you are not here on this earth

to increase your own worth

but that

of other people

we are all connected

and dance to the tunes

of an Ipod on shuffle

controlled by the dude

up above

so if you want to make it easier

then dance along

don’t try to make up your own playlist

of your very own songs

and instead tune in

to the one that was sent

hit the shuffle button

and start to dance

Ha! I blame my youngest son. I have been listening to more rap music lately and the beat has infected my brain. Though I’m sure 360 or The Hill Top Hoodies would do a far better job of this than my late night hack. Rap music seems to me to be just poetry put into a rhythm and some of it is so beautifully nuanced that it hammers at your heart all the way through.

This is just a bit of fun but it certainly describes how I feel when I’m in The Zone of  synchronicity. Synchronicity occurs when your energy level is calibrating at 500 and higher. It is the energy level of Love.  It can be difficult to stay in that zone with all the events that life throws at you but is so beautiful and magical when you hit that high point and manage to stay there for awhile.

Here is a bit more information from Deepak Chopra on Synchronicity in case you haven’t been lucky enough to experience it for yourself. He wrote a wonderful book on the subject that I read years ago and when I did I started looking for more instances of it occurring in my life. As he says in the video – once you do that, start looking  – it appears often. We are all just walking magnets and the world is a magical place.

No that is not woohoo – I am one of the most pragmatic people you would ever meet but you can’t deny the reality of magic once it starts regularly appearing.

I’ve added the book in the further reading section at the bottom of the page.

You can also read more about energy levels and why it is important to consider energy when making decisions on earlier posts of mine such as  The beauty of mistakes or go directly to the book below by David Hawkins M.D.

I don’t have an Amazon link on my page because I prefer people to shop in smaller independently owned books shops if they can. We don’t have one here in our town anymore so I have to buy online but if you have one – please use it because I really miss ours.

And when they are gone – they are gone for good.

The world needs more small and personal and less large and removed.

I miss the small and personal.

Further Reading 

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