Becoming Authentic beneath this Leo Moon

It’s the Leo full moon

As I type it’s early morning here


Yet the big heavy moon hangs like a tea drop

Like a mirror

Like a silver plate of my Grandmothers

That as a child I used to stare into

Who are we?

Who am I?

We have all these layers that life pastes onto us

That’s how this moon is making me feel

And the layers are lifting

I’m peeling them off

As always these days I love reading a little on the back story of whichever full moon/new moon we are experiencing – this month is the Leo moon, Winter moon and you can find some more info on this moon and how it will affect you here and here.

Don’t believe in such things? Ha! I suppose you don’t have your crystals out under the full moon either right now?

Whatever – really 😊

Everyone has their path, I like mine to be a little more illuminated – hence I use a few extra tools that might seem unusual however that is the point of this moon

Find your authenticity

Claim it

Love yourself unconditionally

Love all the parts of you

The light and the dark

Become whole

And then radiate your entire being into the world

So often we avoid the dark side of ourselves

Allow this moon to illuminate it instead

Be brave enough to love the broken, ignored and embarrassing parts as well

You cannot walk this life as a half a being

I’m a Leo – a lion

My dark side contains traits I don’t like such as arrogance and pride and they have plunged me into trouble when I have not recognised them as the shadow they can cast to my thoughts and momentum

It doesn’t mean you have to display these traits but if you acknowledge they are there at least you can watch them arise and then choose not to take actions that embody them

It is better to be aware than to be unconscious

It is wiser to be whole and have the ability to think with a whole heart and mind – denying nothing, hearing everything

And it is freeing to live without the layers and masks that living and growing up in society pastes on

Uniformity is for the unconscious

Non conformity begins when we choose ourselves over the layers

When we choose authenticity over complicity

And begin to live with awareness and truth, our ear pressed to our own chests whenever we need reassurance

Nothing else matters but the internal beat

It is our drum

And we must listen to our own – to find who we are to become


Some other realisations I’ve had leading up to this moon:

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32 thoughts on “Becoming Authentic beneath this Leo Moon

  1. 👏👏👏 integrating all parts of ourselves is so vital to inner peace and happiness. Good for you that you recognize your shadow self. I too am a fire sign, a Sagittarius. My fiance is a Leo as is so many of my loved ones including my son, my mother, my uncle and both brothers-in-law. As for myself, after living my life keeping myself separated from my authentic self for fear of bot being loved and accepted…I live my life out loud and with 0 apologizes! As the kids say, no fucks given lol🙌😁❤

  2. My first husband is a Leo and is the epitome of ego and pride. He can’t recognize those traits are not pleasing. My current husband is a Leo also and is a total opposite of the arrogance that often accompanies other Leos. Great post!

    • We are far more than our star signs but they have a way of shining in there regardless so why not use them to illuminate a little more self knowledge. My husband and I are both Leo’s, my sister and niece are both Leo’s too – all very different but how we revolve and mirror our traits at each other at times makes us all laugh (and sigh) self awareness is everything and you can’t deny the shadows – they give us depth and presence in the world. Everything casts a shadow and until we become pure light beings (which I am far from becoming) then we have to walk on with our shadow skipping beside us – May as well give it a high five and make it a friend one that may then be included in any decision making and conversation. It’s surprising how much it helps. Freud was no fool 😂

      • We are more. I’m a Virgo and my mom (when she was alive) could tell you all you needed to know about yourself if she had your birthday and time you were born. She read palms and could nail your sun, moon and whatever the planets aligning in your sign at any given point. It was complicated and she would nail it. When she passed, I had a lady that knew her in the 80’s come up to me after the funeral and told me that everything she predicted from reading her came true in her lifetime. I thought my mom was off her rocker half the time & it was only a hobby. Maybe she was part Gypsy. 😊

      • Hi Lisa your Mum sounds like she certainly had a gift. I think some people dismiss a valuable aspect of intuition and guidance – that’s their loss. Unfortunately life doesn’t come with a definitive guide book so…we have to be open to whatever info comes our way. I have a deep seated sceptic that I’m constantly arguing with but that half of me keeps me balanced so I listen to her as well 😊🌷

      • My mom was something! Her nickname was Wicked Wanda. Because she was like a mischievous child. Not because she was evil. Thank you for giving me this memory. She’s been gone for 5 1/2 years. 🥰

      • Oh I’m glad to have prompted it – isn’t it wonderful how they come back on the wings of a thought like that – you must have lost yours around the same time mine passed. Mum left us in 2014. She was a very special lady.

      • Wow! 3 days apart. My dad died the next year on 7/12/15. They were divorced but his Alzheimer’s elevated after she died. Makes me wonder.

  3. Great Post about this Snow Moon. Interesting reference re staring into your Grandmother’s Silver plate. Silver being The Moon’s Metal. I definitely think Moons affect us. They have always been an object of Awe and Wonder in the sky. Inspiring. Provoking thought. I personally feel more Creative and more restless when the moon is full .:-)

    • I love Leo’s probably because I have so many loved ones that are Leo’s – we are all different, I’m far more diplomatic and flexible then some of the August ones – far out they dig their paws in over things! Ha in the end we are humans first and star signs second – nice to know you’re a fellow lion though. We had the discussion at writers group about what star signs we all were it was quite illuminating 😁🌕

  4. Yes! I love “rising woman” and Sheleana Aiyana the founder of it! Have you ever looked into Human Design? Also very enlightening 🙂 My son Archie is a Leo, love love love him. I am a Virgo with a Leo rising and a Scorpio moon. Quite the mix, and I find it all fascinating. I’ve always felt so drawn to astrology and the like. And oh you better believe my crystals bathe in the moonlight, as do I in the summer months.

    • Hahaha! Will look into Human Design – I find it all fascinating and believe we are part of an amazing natural universe that is talking to us all the time – we just have to figure out the language and the methods. All good stuff – high five Archie – one of my best friends is a Virgo too high five you Mare. 🎈🌷💓

      • Human design integrates aspects of Astrology, the I Ching, chakras, and the Kabbalah. I’m a manifesting generator and do best taking direction from “my gut” or sacral chakra, go figure the doc’s just found a cyst on my spinal column in my sacral chakra……….shhhh I can’t tell them that, they might commit me to the loony bin haha

      • some lower body symptoms: pain, numbness, diminished hiking, running, biking, walking up stairs. Can run a test to check how much it’s affecting my nerves. Will speak to a neurosurgeon.

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